15 years of experience

200 experienced software engineers

30 projects in healthcare

HIPAAcompliant software development

Since 2007, Abto Software delivers custom digital solutions and provides technology consulting for clinics, pharmacies, labs, and manufacturers. Harnessing the countless benefits of AI and ML, predictive modeling, blockchain and medical imaging, our experts provide solutions for value-based patient-first care.

With over 15 years of experience in developing custom software, we delivered 30 projects in healthcare. Our solutions are secure, flexible and highly scalable, which provides for better clinical outcomes.

Among the greatest applications we delivered there are advanced tools, which can:

  • Process thousands of prescriptions and authorizations a day
  • Process medical patient claims within milliseconds
  • Handle data warehouses with terabytes of medical data
  • Support all device types (desktop, web and mobile)

Abto Software takes over challenging projects, no matter the complexity. We provide software engineers, project managers, business analysts and meticulous QA specialists to cover the client’s core needs.

Our services

Software development

We provide full-cycle custom software development for desktop, web and mobile devices. No matter the goal, whether it’s about building a reliable EMR/EHR system, a solution for smart drug tracing or a data warehouse, we have the expertise to handle the project.

Data protection

Our engineers make sure your sensitive administrative data, the data of your medical personnel and your patient records are secure. We offer reliable infrastructure, risk analysis and constant incident monitoring.

Third-party integrations

To help clients reach their core business goals and protect sensitive data, our engineers provide third-party device and software integration adhering to HIPAA standards. We integrate professional solutions for secure payment processing, drug inventory, reporting and simplified claim form handling.

Business consulting

Abto Software’s business analysts will conduct comprehensive analysis for subsequent business consultation. We’ll help you highlight your company’s core goals and define how implementing smart technology can help you immediately cut costs, automate standard administrative processes and increase data security.

Our areas of expertise:

  • EMR / EHR systems – Electronic Medical Record, Electronic Health Record
  • Patient Care Management Software
  • Prior Authorization
  • Data Warehouses
  • Pharmacy Benefit & Inventory Management
  • Pharmacy Drug Therapy Management
  • Medical Prescription Processing
  • Clinical Decision Assessment
  • Data Source Integration
  • Document Workflow Automation
  • NCPDP standard Medical Claim Form Handling
  • HIPAA Compliance

Successfully delivered healthcare solutions

  • 20 Web Solutions (.NET, ASP.NET)
  • 15 Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)
  • 2 Data Warehouses
  • 25 REST API, WebService Solutions
  • 5 Desktop Applications (WPF, WinForms)
  • Third-party integrations

Compliance with medical standards and certifications

When providing healthcare custom software development, we first focus on compliance with globally accepted medical standards and certifications. This not only guarantees patient safety, but also positively affects the end consumer’s confidence and the company’s image.

Our expertise includes the following standards and certifications:

  • GDPR
  • HL7
  • FHIR
  • CDA

Tools & technology stack

  • AI, ML and NLP (advanced research, medical imaging and analysis, drug discovery)
  • Computer vision (cancer screening, medical imaging, surgery training)
  • Big data and analytics (data analysis, cluster identification, dataset correlation)
  • Blockchain technology (EMR/EHR development, tracking systems, drug traceability, and more)


Building an ERP platform for US Healthcare Provider

Abto Software assisted a US-based healthcare service provider with the software development of a custom internal ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The solution streamlines simplified patient appointment registration, management and logistics. The delivered ERP system helps the client company to provide trusted and certified patient care.  Abto Software suggested an effective solution allowing healthcare specialists …

EMR Solution for Medical Practice Management

Back in the year 2012, Abto Software was approached by a US-based healthcare solution provider. Our engineers successfully delivered a suite of reliable digital tools and are now still actively involved in the product’s support and development.  The project was aimed at modernization and smooth cloud migration of the client’s complex internal system. The system, …

Telemedicine App: Personal Medical Device Integration

Earlier, our technical specialists developed a healthcare application tailored for Android and iOS platforms. The project’s main goal was to facilitate smooth online communication between patients and clinicians. After the successful implementation of the healthcare application, our experts have decided to complement the solution. They integrated it with medical devices, which can be connected via …

Cloud, Mobile, and SaaS Development for a Fitness Application

Abto Software helped a rapidly-growing fitness company migrate their fitness platform to the cloud and complete native Android and iOS mobile application development. Moreover, our engineers assisted with transforming the application into a SaaS solution to help the client expand their market reach and attract new customers. Our team works closely with the client’s in-house …

Building a Leading Dental Practice Management Software

Abto Software assisted the client with developing dental practice management software. With our experience in healthcare solutions, we provided extra capacity for their existing team. The solution helps dental clinics to treat their patients quickly and efficiently. Read how we built one of the most used tools on the Sweden dental software market. Content: Project …

Telemedicine Software Development: How to Build a Telemedicine System

The Abto Software team built a full-package telemedicine software that is used today by thousands of patients and keeps growing. The system help’s users to receive medical attention 24/7 from any location inside the country. We know how important today the new approaches to medicine are, and we are happy to share our experience. Let’s …

Developing Mobile-Based Telemedicine Solution for an African Provider of Telecommunications

Detailed overview of the delivered solution Our team has designed a mobile-based telemedicine solution for an African provider of telecommunications. The project’s main goal was to make healthcare more accessible. Content:  Our Approach to Delivering mHealth App Suitable for African Market Providing mobile healthcare application with videoconferencing Enabling the “Hello Doctor” and online appointment scheduling …

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