Abto Software developed a custom documents management and collaboration platform for brokers and their clients that helped automate the entire process of gathering, preparation and signing the documents needed to close a real estate deal.

The Challenge

Our customer, a US-based real estate brokerage firm reached out to Abto to create a custom document management and collaboration platform.  As many other brokerage firms at the time, our customer used to have all the documents typed and the agents used to meet with all the prospect customers for a number of times before signing the agreement.  As a result, real estate agents spent significant amounts of time and efforts to have all documentation gathered and ready, as well as make any additional changes.  The customer needed a system that would allow for a more efficient process for clients and real-estate agents in terms of documents management, timespan, and expenses. An opportunity to work with templates online (aggregation and accumulation) and automatically calculate the collected data were also among the key tasks from the customer.

The Solution

Our company worked closely with the stakeholders from the customer organization to gather all business requirements and implemented all their needs into the software that automated their business processes. The new real-estate documents management system is now used within the customer’s company and simplifies and streamlines the overall document turnaround process associated with real-estate deals.

The new system allows brokers and their clients to fill and sign all the necessary forms and documents online and print them out when necessary. Both brokers and their clients can log in with their accounts and share the information with each other.  The documents related to a certain client and a deal are grouped in packages.  When some personal data is entered into one document, it is automatically filled in all the other documents where applicable. The client uploads his/her documents and they are instantly added to the package. The client and broker can track what documents are ready, uploaded, partially filled or completed. Additionally, the system calculates the financial capability of the client.  When all the documents are ready and checked, the final document is printed out for signature.

The system contains a large library of document templates. New documents can be easily created based on the previous documentation and individual pages can be extracted from different documents and merged in a new one online without any extra applications or resources.

The system has two-level authorization that makes it secure and guarantees user-based access to confidential data.


The software developed by Abto Software instantly provided a number of benefits:

  • Accelerated documents collection and preparation time from a couple of months to a few weeks.
  • The new real-estate documents can be generated based on the previously documents content.
  • Allowed for real-time collaboration between brokers and their clients
  • The accuracy of the financial capability calculation of the client is automated. It reduced data loss, timespan, and human error rate.
  • Now due to the constant process tracking, the client and real-estate agent can follow all the process online and see what stages and documents are completed and what is still to be done.

Key features: document templates, package templates, security.


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