Striving to keep pace with the rapid development of telecom technologies, Abto Software is involved in creating up-to-date voice and data solutions. Our team has years of hands-on experience in Telecommunications web development, delivering easy-to-use and user-friendly tools, including SIP client SDK, SIP server, RTP SDK, and T38 Modem.

We provide a wide range of superb innovative Telecommunications development services to numerous Government and Healthcare institutions worldwide. For the most effective Telecommunications development project accomplishment we select cutting-edge programming technologies and tools,including .NET, C, C#, MSSQL Server, etc.


Mobile Contacts

The purpose of this application is to provide people with mobile phones the ability to easily exchange contact information. The application involves the interaction of two parties: User and Contact. User can register the application by setting up a username and password. The user can then either via the phone or the Web site enter …

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