Developing and maintaining a corporate website isn’t as simple as it may seem at first sight. Modern websites are now mostly used to effectively sell products and attract as many potential customers as possible. Thus, corporate sites become more complex and professional. For effective website development and functioning you’ll need to hire a well-rounded web team including infrastructure specialists, PMs, web designers and developers, SEO experts, copywriters, testers and so on. Therefore, outsourcing web development to an offshore provider may be a great solution for truly efficient website building and maintaining.

Reasons to outsource web development

  • Saving time and costs is a traditional reason why companies outsource in general. Your in-house personnel may have insufficient skills in web development and as a result waste a lot of precious time to create a simple website. Professional web development outsourcing team can build and deploy even a complex portal in rapid and cost-saving manner. As to expenditures, on-shore employees’ wages are often significantly higher than offshore staff’s. Moreover, you’ll have to spend money on infrastructure, website editing software and HR issues.
  • Access to all necessary professionals. Simply building a website isn’t enough to gain an edge over the competition. Except for web developers and designers you’ll need SEO experts to bring targeted trafficВ to the website, copywriters to create quality content and write articles, link building specialists to ensure that your site obtains a top 10 ranking in the search engines, etc. Hiring all these employees may be expensive and time-consuming and it could be difficult to find specialists possessing sufficient qualification. Offshore web development teams, as a rule, include all the professionals necessary for building, promoting, maintaining and troubleshooting the website.
  • All the required technical skills available. IT outsourcing vendors usually employ web experts specializing in different technologies, frameworks and web development tools allowing to select a set of skills matching your specific needs and requirements. The most commonly used CMS are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Business Catalyst, etc. If you don’t require a CMS, it’s advisable to build the website on PHP, .NET, ASP.NET or ASPX. For example, the majority of niche websites are built on WordPress (WP) as it’s easy to use and customize. In this case it’s beneficial to hire a developer with high level WP skills.

When should you outsource web development?

  • If there are no appropriate internal resources available
  • If the on-shore resources are focused on core competencies
  • Web development project is complex and requires a set of different skills
  • Launch time will stretch the in-house resources.


Before starting your web development outsourcing project clearly define your needs and goals and identify what skills you require and what part of job may be done by the in-house personnel. It’s also important to determine if you need a full-time, part-time offshore team or it’s reasonable to hire web development specialists on a project basis. Web development success is largely dependent on the clearly defined expectations and business goals and complementing the in-house team with required specialists possessing all important skills and expertise.

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