Top Industries Using IT Services OutsourcingThe IT revolution in the 1990s accelerated and enhanced the development and spreading of IT outsourcing.В Information technology outsourcing allows multiple businesses in North America and Europe to significantly increase cost efficiency and reduce products’ or services’ time to market. Nowadays, companies varying in scale and domain, international institutions and universities already outsource software development activities, IT infrastructure management to offshore locations.

Industries Requiring IT Outsourcing

Currently IT outsourcing is a widely recognized cost efficient way to accelerate key business activities in a number of domains. Moreover, the IT outsourcing industry is expected to grow despite some negative trends in the present-day world economy. Let’s take a look at some of the industries which require IT outsourcing and may derive numerous benefits from it.

Banking and Finance. Financial services companies, including enterprises operating in investment, banking commodity trading, recognize the broad value of outsourcing. Large banks tend to be the biggest consumers of IT services and are among leading investors in IT outsourcing. Banking institutions usually outsource core financial software applications development, and secondary systems like HR/marketing applications creation. The increase of strategic/primary applications, software testing and infrastructure/architecture design outsourcing is expected to increase due to a possibility to reduce capital and operating costs and tap new sources of skills. A lot of companies combine software testing outsourcing with outsourced infrastructure management. Generally, outsourcing key IT functions to the offshore vendors is becoming more convenient for financial industry.

Healthcare and Medical Industry. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries are constantly facing extensive technology changes and decreasing of funds. Necessary skilful IT resources are mostly not available internally or demand extra training which is cost and time inefficient. Consequently, outsourcing has become a part of the medical companies’ overall business strategy due to affordable prices and access to a pool of skilled specialists. IT service providers introduce best-practice solutions which allow to improve service levels throughout the healthcare organizations. Moreover, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations are willing to concentrate on their core business, so they prefer to outsource their information technology services and medical/healthcare and hospital management software development.

Other Industries. Automotive sector also actively utilizes outsourcing, having to respond to the increased demand for embedded development projects for various in-vehicle options. Industries like E-commerce, Media & Entertainment and Telecom also turn to outsourcing to obtain new services and revenue models. Education industry is now using IT technologies intensively for e-Learning development solutions, testing and e-courses, so educational institutions also require high-end and affordable outsourcing services.

Thus, IT outsourcing stays a great solution for various companies and institutions that can truly benefit from such valuable IT services as software development, coding, software management, etc.

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