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Web Development is one of core services of Abto Software. We specialize in engineering and migration to a unique, secure, comprehensive tailor-made web solutions with modern design and user experience including B2B and B2C portals, e-commerce, corporate intranet portals, products. Abto has 100 experienced web developers and has done 150+ web solutions over the last 10 years. Abto Software provides innovative technology consulting and delivers transformative solutions for public corporations. With the focus on predictive modeling, AI, blockchain and medical imaging we fundamentally change the way business is delivered, providing solutions for value-based customer-first approach.

We provide a full cycle of custom web development services including:

  • generation/brainstorming of web solution vision and requirements
  • architecture, security, web and user experience design
  • solution implementation and QA under the most popular platforms & browsers
  • migration from desktop to cloud-native web applications
  • 3rd level maintenance

The biggest web solutions we created are able to handle millions of users, terabytes of data, are secure and scalable enough to work for the government on a country level.

Web UI Approaches and Suggestions

We have commercial experience and consider the following UI approaches during web development:

  • jQuery and Bootstrap UI alone with lightweight client side libraries like KnockoutJS
  • single page application using ReactJS (client side framework)
  • solution based on UI components like Sencha, Telerik, DevExpress or similar
  • real-time web application using websockets based on SignalR .NET Framework

Abto conclusion for each particular case – the best choice depends on a size and requirements of the product:

  • For a small or mid-size project, the jQuery solution with Bootstrap UI is the best option.
  • Solution based on Sencha, Telerik, DevExpress web components are perfect if: a customer is about to build a solution with minimum effort, as we can use a wide range of rich components they provide; a customer is fine sticking with some of the existing design themes they provide.
  • The average web page performance of such heavy components (they are not very customizable) is also needed to take into consideration.
  • However, if the project is large and a customer wants to go with the latest technologies on the market because he/she wants to sustain and extend the project for a long time without having a need to refactor the legacy code for years – the ReactJS is the right choice.
  • SignalR real-time application makes sense if the performance is crucial and the app has to deliver immediate response (in a meter of milliseconds).


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healthcare solution provider, U.S.


  • Responsiveness to market changes and possibility to be adopted to corporate needs
  • Enterprise-level ready certification
  • HIPAA Standards compliance
  • Timely data provision with the highest accuracy level
  • User-friendly and intuitive web interface

Project challenges:

  • Integrate all data sources together
  • Be highly customizable to support the needs of end customers
  • Support multiple security roles and hierarchical access


  • .NET, ASP.NET, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL, Telerik UI


tech company, Ireland

Project challenges:

  • Enhance performance to provide workers with the access to comprehensive data and information on demand
  • Mobile synchronization of the application with the possibility to work continuously in any environment, whether offline or online
  • Creation of a unified application operating on iOS and Android devices for better scalability
  • Ability to work with DropBox, file attachments and add additional logic in order to meet functional requirements of our customer and end-users


  • Available on all Apple and Android devices, it offers a real-time visibility into the daily activities of the workers
  • Useful utility functions and feature security level
  • Ease of deployment and maintenance which reduces IT complexity, operating costs, and risks


  • AngularJS, ASP.NET, Bootstrap, Cordova, DevExpress, Entity Framework Code First, MS SQL Server, OData, Sencha Touch


JustAnswer, US

Project challenges:

  • Implement tools to provide flawless and secure running of JustAnswer’s heavily trafficked site with millions of users
  • Provide unconditional functionality and maintenance of the platform
  • Implemented centralized event registration, product download, membership and subscription
  • Provided smooth API integration with major payment services (Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Sofort, etc.), social media, and location-based reputation systems
  • Realized integration with automatic bidding system (Marin)
  • Built instruments to track and report on the multiple elements and user paths presented to each visitor
  • Handled DB with TB of data and cumbersome library
  • Built multiple levels of cache (DNS, Load balancer, Microsoft IIS, in-memory DB)
  • Maintained integration with Google Analytics and Adobe DTM
  • Ensured performance and maintainability in the distributed, high-load environment

Value delivered:

  • Incorporated analytics and monitoring components into features that ensure infallible solution to meet response time and quality requirements
  • Composed cost-efficient and robust platform delivering an optimized seamless user experience across all devices
  • Built own framework to support multiple levels of A/B testing across the site
  • Developed numerous services and queues for better performances and scalability


  • .NET 4.6, A/B testing, ASP.NET, C#, data science, dedicated team, Git, IIS, Java, JavaScript, Jenkins, MongoDB, MVC 4, MySQL, NHibernate, Node.JS, NUnit, RabbitMQ, Redis, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2015, WCF

Technology Skill Set in Web Development

Our success lies both in our comprehensive web development process and our people. Abto specialists are well-versed in the latest technologies and trends of modern web development.

Programming languages

  • ASP.NET (MVC, CMS Ektron, Umbraco), ASP, SOAP, Web services, DotNetNuke, Ajax, Silverlight, Expression Blend
  • Java (Apache Ant, Apache Jmeter, Jersey, Jetty, Mockito, TestNG, ME, EE, SE, JDK, AWT, Swing, EJB, NetBeans, GlassFish, junit, spring, struts, hibernate, log4j, jpa, jsf, Corba, JBoss, JSP, Servlets, taglibs, Unified Expression Language, Envers, GWT)
  • JavaScript, HTML, XSLT, XHTML, CSS, CSS3, HTML5
  • PHP / PHP CMS (Drupal, Joomla, PHPBB, PrestaShop, WordPress, Zen Cart, CodeIgniter, Magento, Yii) XML/JSON
  • Flash/Flex, Actionscript



  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • React
  • jQuery
  • Underscore
  • NodeJS
  • Jasmine
  • ExtJS



  • Apache
  • nginx
  • IIS
  • Tomcat


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