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Looking for full-cycle .NET software development services or ready-to-go .NET solutions? Need for outstanding software to increase your sales and override your competitors? Or simply want to make important people be proud of your achievements? Don’t underestimate the power of the right technology that the right .NET development company can give you.

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Abto Software specializes in delivering custom tailored safe and sound .NET solutions. Depending on your business needs, we are capable of building your project from scratch or advancing existing one. Also, we can build or augment your .NET software development team. We started 13 years ago, made hundreds of customers unworried, and we’re not planning to hold back. Check it out for yourself.


Abto Software .NET Development expertise:

  • ASP.NET development
  • .NET Core solutions
  • Migration to .NET
  • .NET Integration Services
  • .NET web development
  • .NET application development
  • Offshore .NET developers
  • .NET cloud development

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Scenario #1:

You need (more) offshore .NET developers

You have a clear understanding of technology and know your product from A to Z? You are capable of ruling your own team and simply need an extra pair of hands? No problem, we’ll extend your current development team or even build one from scratch! You can request as many offshore .NET developers as you need, plan their workload as you like and manage them directly.

We know how to set up effective and long term dedicated teams starting from a couple of software developers to dozens of engineers. Interested?

We’ll tell you more

Let’s take JustAnswer, the world’s leading expert marketplace. They needed offshore .NET developers to design a responsive web ecosystem and develop its healthy & heavy functionality. Abto Software has built a team of 81 full-stack software engineers, 20 QA engineers, 4 data analysts, 3 UI/UX designers, 2 product managers, DevOps and engineering manager. Massive, right? As of now, JustAnswer is ranked as one of the top 200 web solutions by the leading global Internet rating service, Quantcast.

One more sparkling example is Lime-Tec AG, Swiss independent provider of complete retail solutions. The team of 4 .Net Core software engineers delivered a suite of independent microservices for digital retail. As a result, Lime-Tec’s clients easily process payments, manage inventory and create loyal lifetime customers.


JustAnswer is the world’s leading expert marketplace. It offers fast and affordable online advice from 10,000 verified professionals. Users can contact doctors, lawyers, and vets to auto mechanics and tech support.


  • Implement tools to provide flawless and secure running of JustAnswer’s heavily trafficked site
  • Provide unconditional functionality and maintenance of the platform


.NET 4.6A/B testingASP.NETC#WCFdata sciencededicated teamGitIISJavaJavaScriptJenkinsMicrosoftMongoDBMC4MySQLNHibernateNode.JSNUnitRabbitMQRedisSQL ServerVisual Studio 2015


  • Implemented centralized event registration, product download, membership and subscription.
  • Provided smooth API integration with major payment services (Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Sofort, etc.), social media, and location-based reputation systems.
  • Realized integration with automatic bidding system (Marin).
  • Built instruments to track and report on the multiple elements and user paths presented to each visitor.
  • Handled DB with TB of data and cumbersome library.
  • Built many levels of cache (DNS, Load balancer, Microsoft IIS, in-memory DB).


Lime-Tec AG a Swiss provider of Point-of-Sale and connected commerce solutions plans to provide a suite of independent microservices. These microservices should transform any legacy or cloud-based POS system (legacy) the retailer is using into an omnichannel POS without heavy investments of a full migration.


  • The integration with the client’s POS software, or any other eCommerce platform
  • High scalability
  • Complete independence of digital retail solutions that could be switched on and off without disrupting the operating POS


.NET Core 2.0Angular 5Azure Service FabricDDDdigital retailEDAHATEOASJSON APIomnichannel retail


  • Process payments, manage inventory, create loyal customers and more with these highly scalable digital retail solutions.
  • Loyalty system. We help the retailers manage to return customers, attract new ones and track every single activity of the loyalty program.
  • Vouchers. Organizations and developers can easily integrate and use vouchers discounts and offers service without much complexity.
  • This Gift Card POS service helps build a powerful gift cards system for chain stores. It lets customers buy gift vouchers, send them to their friends or simply use them.
  • Product Management. The microservice allows retailers to add new products, group them into categories and brands.
  • Process Management. The module allows implementing a lightweight mechanism of communication between services.
  • Order Management. All your sales and purchase orders, inventory, supplier and customer data synced and fully integrated into one system.
  • Payment Management. Lime-Tec’s B2C payment service automates the tedious processes like calculating VAT, currency rate, etc.

Scenario #2:

You need a custom tailored ready-to-go
software (and lose no sleep over)

You have an idea, but you don’t have Wozniak-level tech expertise? Want someone else to take care of programming? No worries, hire our .NET development company to do it for you with your very little involvement – do your Jobs’ job! We will lead the software engineering process from the idea evaluation to solution design and implementation. Need product maintenance and support? No problem, we are good at that, too.

Abto software delivers .NET solutions that influence the company’s diligence and bring revenue. Even more, you get a polished system or product that people will love. Let us show you.

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In 2017 we got a request from Medikit, a healthcare tech startup. They needed to build a digital healthcare ecosystem of medical interactions between doctors, patients, pharmaceutical and insurance companies. It was huge and required well-thought system architecture to serve millions of users and process billions of records. In addition to ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC and React we used blockchain technology to control access to health records. It took us a couple of months to deliver a beta version. Currently, we are expanding the system, adding new modules and features while supporting existing ones.

One more amazing customer’s success story started in 2014. Back then, it was an ambitious idea to build a solid and powerful e-Procurement and e-Sourcing Platform. It turned to the award-winning software. Now it is used worldwide including the European Union, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Singapore, and the United States. Our .NET development company has been responsible for the development and maintenance of the whole suite of e-Procurement and e-Sourcing software products since the very beginning.


Our client is a European provider of e-Procurement and e-Sourcing solutions.


  • Adopt-state-of-the-arttechnologies
  • Focus on the high quality of services provided by the e-Procurement and e-Sourcing platform
  • Retain existing customers by expanding the set of features provided by the platform


.NET.NET CoreASP.NETASP.NET WebAPIAzureBackbone.jsBootstrapDevExpressGitEntity FrameworkEntity Framework 6 Code FirstGruntjQueryLESSMicrosoft AzureMVC 5OCRReactREST API with ASP.NET WEB API 2Unit TestingUnit Tests and Automated UI testsStructure Map


  • The developed cloud platform offers a broad range of e-Procurement and e-Sourcing solutions. It meets the needs of both private and public organizations.
  • E-Sourcing tool ensuring transparent supplier selection through 4 steps. First – submitting e-Request through an intuitive eRFx tool for proposals (RFP), information (RFI), quotations (RFQ), and tenders (RFT). Second – inviting suppliers for reverse and forward e-Auctions. Third – comparing received quotas with adjustable evaluation tools and custom reports. Fourth – choosing the right supplier.
  • Supplier Master Data Management (SMDM) enables creating and maintaining a strong supplier base.
  • Supplier Onboarding is part of the comprehensive Supplier Master Data Management solution. It gives companies complete toolset to evaluate, register, and communicate with the suppliers.
  • Supplier Data Verification tool automates the collection and refinement of the supplier information maintaining high data quality.
  • Contract Management service offers an electronic repository for managing contracts. It makes storing, processing, and tracking e-Requests smooth and easy.
  • Catalogue Management enables organizations to browse through a wide selection of products and services from approved suppliers.


Medikit, a healthcare tech startup, launched in 2017. Aims at building a digital healthcare ecosystem of medical interaction between patients, doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance companies.


  • Security risks to patient data. The healthcare industry is one of the leaders in using personal data. However, it has more data breaches than any other sector and medical records are being stolen and passed on.
  • Lack of transparency. Patients have no immediate access to health records written by medical professionals. Similarly, medical professionals are only able to share data quickly within their own organization or with other health professionals using the same EHR system.
  • Integration with the national ehealth system. The software will work in all the governmental clinics and medical institutions, serving millions of users.


.NETASP.NETASP.NET MVCASP.NET WebAPIblockchaindigital healthehealthHyperledgerMVCtelemedicine


  • Our offshore .NET developers delivered a few modules with the functionality listed below.
  • Telemedicine, an online consultation with a doctor and patient using a webcam interface. It is set to be the future of consultations.
  • Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR):
    by implementing EHR, patient data can be tracked over an extended period of time by multiple healthcare providers. Even more, the blockchain-based EHR we have developed puts full control over the health data in the patient’s hands.
  • Online Appointment. It helps to book medical appointments electronically in medical institutions or online. Patients can make an informed decision about a doctor based on recommendations from other patients and doctors.
  • Doctor’s Account. By leveraging an integrated platform, doctors can nurture ongoing patient relationships. It helps to keep patients on a path toward better health.
  • House Call. A patient can request an onsite consultation with licensed, qualified doctors.

Scenario #3:

You have a solution already, but want IT to work better

You see that your software isn’t reliable enough and can do a better job? You are not satisfied with the results and you waste too much time and effort to make features happen? Hold on! Along with web, mobile and desktop applications engineering using .Net stack, we solve the problem of technology modernization, cross-platform migration, application integration with 3rd parties, or even migrating from a legacy to more modern technologies and business environments. We also help with porting .Net Framework apps to powerful ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API based on .Net Core.

We’ll tell you more

Abto software engineers migrated the legacy ERP system to cloud with web and mobile interfaces for the US retail company. That enabled retailers and sellers to maximize profits. Also, it significantly improves business processes and collaboration between customers, suppliers, and distributors.

Also, we have helped US-based Public Corporation with VB6 to WPF Migration. Thus, the software license costs decreased for 75% of their users. Technically speaking, we reimplemented slow AutoCAD procedures in a much faster C# variant – and voila!


The project team is well underway to transforming client’s ERP software modules into one orderly system. It needs one UI/UX and development standard, fewer discrepancies, code duplication.


  • The ability to run on any web platform or device
  • Run as cloud ERP to meet market needs
  • Introduce secure Public API
  • Seamlessly connect the new UI
  • Be secure, stable as to lower support and maintenance costs


.NETASP.NET MVCBootstrapC#CSSEntityFrameworkERPHTMLJavaScriptjQueryMS SQL ServerTableauTypeScript


  • The flexible modern architecture of the ERP is designed to handle users using web/mobile/desktop clients. It has secure access ERP data using Public API and easy to develop new ERP modules and integrations.
  • The new UI/UX simplified the workflow for its users, unified UI of all.
  • The comprehensive web ERP is able to handle thousands of new users as a company continues to grow.


Our client is a world’s leading manufacturer in their area. The request was to build a single state-of-the-art tool that would be able to design all types of products.


Our .NET development company embarked with a complete revamp of the first tool – an AutoCAD plugin written partially in VBA, partially in LISP. Therefore, it had problems during installation, each new version of AutoCAD brought new issues for the plugin. Some parts of the functionality stopped working completely. VBA is still supported in AutoCAD. However, it is not available by default and requires a separate download and installation.


.NETAutoCADC#Mathematical ModelingMVVM LightUnit Tests and Automated UI testsVB6WoutWare CadLibWPF


Abto’s offshore .NET developers finished the project on time and within budget. New program automated common routines, fixed issues present in the old plugin. Also, it significantly speeded up the process of designing new profiles, allowed usage by less experienced users. The standalone application doesn’t require AutoCAD. As a result, there were made savings on license costs for 75% of users.

Our .NET development company tech stack

Abto Software is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with over 13 years of experience and more than 80 sertificied .Net experts. That makes us one of the best offshore .NET developers on the market.


.Net Framework, .Net Core, .Net Standard

Programming Technologies

Asp.Net Core, WPF Core, Entity Framework Core,

Asp.Net MVC, Asp.Net Web API, WPF, Dapper, Entity Framework, NHibernate, SignalR, OWIN, Katana,

MVVM Frameworks – Prism, Caliburn Micro, MVVM Light

IoC Containers – Autofac, Unity, StructureMap

Third-Party Integrations

SendGrid API, Mandrill API, TED Tenders Electronic Daily API, Salesforce API, Twilio API, Stripe API



MSSQL, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Azure SQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora


MongoDB, Redis, AWS DynamoDB, Azure Cosmos DB

File storage:

Amazon S3, Azure Storage

Serverless technologies

Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, Serverless workflows with Azure Logic Apps, Amazon API Gateway, Azure API Gateway

Application Performance Monitoring

Azure AppInsights, Amazon Cloud Watch, DataDog, NewRelic

Distributed system components interaction

gRPC, REST API, GraphQL, .NET Remoting, Rabbit MQ, Azure Service Bus

Application Servers & Web Platforms

IIS, Kestrel, Windows, Windows Server, Linux. Either on-premises or cloud platforms (IAAS, PAAS)

Deployment Technology

Windows Installer, Clickonce, Azure App Services, Amazon EC2, Azure Kubernetes Service, Amazon Kubernetes Service, Azure DevOps CI/CD, Jenkins CI/CD, Docker containers

To outsource or not to outsource, that is the

Is your software a core value proposition, or it’s a vehicle to solve users’ problems? Was your solution designed for technical people, or non-technical users? Are you going to make a revolution in the world of tech with our product? Or is it simply aimed at solving a specific business need? If all your answers drift toward the second part, then software outsourcing should be a decent option for you.

We’ll tell you more

What our clients say

“We rely a great deal on the IT services and expertise we receive from Abto.”

For us it is one of our success factors to rely on a partner with the professional approach like Abto to be successful in our market segments. We are very pleased with the quality and timing that they provide.

Christian Baumann

CEO at xsmart AG, a Boost Group Company, Switzerland

“It always was and is an excellent work together and we look forward for many years more. I definitely can recommend Abto for a nearshore center.”

We started to build a dedicated team in Lviv together with Abto Software 3 years ago. As a product vendor we rely on resources that can build up knowledge about our products long-term. Abto was able to provide us these services.

Andreas Meier

Head of Product Development at Skybow, Switzerland

“Such a good quality, paired with the promptness and a great price-performance ratio is very rare. But most of all we appreciate to work with the great people of Abto Software.”

Abto Software specialists developed a huge and extremely flexible SharePoint Client App for a Swiss customer providing various IT services, including development of software based on SharePoint and its extensions.

Philip Nussbaumer

Head of Products at Up-Great AG, Switzerland

“Working with a company like Abto makes dealing with the unexpected easier.”

Abto’s flexibility helps deal with unexpected situations, which often occur in business. Stakeholders change their minds, or suffer unexpected business shocks.

Tony Clarey

Founder of an IT Consulting Company, USA

We realize how passionate you are about your project, and how much energy you invest in it. We understand how important it is for you to find a trustworthy and reliable technology partner. In fact, we are more than just .NET development company – we listen, we respect, we deliver effective and result-oriented .NET solutions. Because it doesn’t matter how great the product is unless it solves your problem, right?

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