Automated Checkout for Cashierless Retail


Accelerating checkout process in physical stores to provide customers with frictionless shopping experience and drive greater revenue for checkout counters manufacturers and retailers.


Augmenting Physical Retail with
Abto Cashierless Checkout

Abto Software offers easily deployable Cashierless Checkout that ensures fast and easy in-store checkout. Powered by Computer Vision and Machine Learning, it allows accelerating checkout process without pausing the store operation.


Standard overhead camera monitors checkout conveyor


Abto Cashierless Checkout software counts products in real time


Virtual shopping bill is passed to POS terminal for payment

Improve Your Checkout with Abto Cashierless Technology

We bring Abto Cashierless Checkout

to retail equipment providers: checkout solutions suppliers and checkout counters manufacturers;

to retail outlets: convenience stores, supermarkets, and retail chains.


Benefits of Abto Cashierless Checkout

Unique solution
you can upgrade your existing product lines with.

you can both bring to your existing customers and engage new ones with.

increased shoppers satisfaction and store attendance

decreased purchase abandonment rate

staff number reduction

frictionless shopping experience:
no self-scanning needed

reduced checkout queues


Cashierless Retail Chain


Bring Your Customers Checkout Experience of the Future

Technologies behind Abto Cashierless Checkout

Core technologies

  • Image & video processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Robust feature extractors
  • Product recognition & counting
  • Trajectory binding

Main Features

  • Conventional checkout conveyors can be upgraded with inexpensive hardware and transformed into cashierless checkouts
  • One processing server can support several cashierless lines
  • Easily extendable list of recognized products
  • Online and simultaneous update of the recognition model across all stores within the chain

Let’s discuss how Abto Cashierless Technology can accelerate your business

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