Ukrainian IT Industry in 2021 – Key Facts

Ukrainian IT Industry in 2021 – Key Facts

In the first half of 2020, we all felt global economic changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ukrainian IT industry responded to it with growth slowing down from 30% to 24%. Yet, overcoming external and internal challenges, it regained its position really fast.


One of the reasons for the prompt recovery of the IT industry is increasing demand. Today, organizations all over the globe face a new challenge. They need to review and optimize business processes according to changing customer needs. As a result, almost every company migrated or expanded online due to the situation.


Another reason is the high quality of Ukrainian IT services. They come with reasonable and competitive prices, even with the transition to a completely remote mode of the workflow. 


Now, we can say the Ukrainian IT sector has recovered. The IT export grew by more than 5 billion USD, and this is the highest number for all these years.

Ukrainian IT Services Export Growth Dynamics

The key statistics of the Ukrainian IT market 

Education level

First, let’s take a look at higher IT education tendencies inside the country.

IT specialties graduators

The number of bachelor’s graduates has been stable over the last five years with an average of 16.2 thousand per year. Despite the growing popularity of the profession, we can’t see a steep increase in the amount of new IT professionals. The reason is quite simple. The General number of all graduates in the country in 2020 was only 191 thousand, which is 21% less than in 2016.

Nonetheless, the share of bachelors in IT specialities in the overall structure of graduation tends to increase. In 2020, it was over 8.5% with an average growth rate of 1.9%. It affects overlap, which ensures a stable number of graduates.

On the other hand, students can now gain practical skills while studying. It is closely related to internship opportunities which the IT industry is providing now. Even more, in 2020, the IT department of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy merged with the EASE association. It proves that Ukrainian specialists get strong tech practice. As for now, more students choose not to study for two more years to get a master’s degree and prefer to seek practice inside IT companies, so 54% of graduates with bachelor’s degrees continue studying.

The main markets of IT Export

The main clients of the Ukrainian IT industry are the United States and Western Europe with Great Britain and European Union countries. However, it is obvious that the USA remains Ukraine’s largest R&D partner (45% of research companies), even if the statistics differ in other researches. Although, the geography of Ukraine’s main markets is about to expand and become more diverse.

Main Markets for Ukrainian IT Industry

The growth of the Ukrainian IT market correlates with the growing number of IT services export growth dynamics.

Ukrainian IT Services Export Growth Dynamics

Technical skills

Data provided by Coursera Global Skills report for 2021 shows that Ukraine took 7th place in the level of Technology knowledge in the world. Moreover, Ukrainian developers are among leaders of European countries by two parameters – Technology and Data Science.

Level of Technology Knowledge in European Countries

As for Data Science expertise, the IT industry in Ukraine closes the top 20 countries.

Level of Data Science Knowledge in European Countries

And what about the programming languages software developers are using the most? Well, in 2021 JavaScript is leading, Java is in second place, and C# took the third one, according to DOU.

Most popular programming languages in Ukraine

The top 5 frameworks in the Ukrainian IT market are React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, .NET and Spring.

Most Popular Frameworks, Libraries, platforms in Ukraine

The IT industry in Ukraine focuses mostly on eCommerce, Enterprise, and Finance software products development. Still, the Education and Healthcare industries are also among the most popular.

Industry focus of Ukrainian IT

Number of Ukrainian IT industry specialists 

The numbers of working specialists differ in different researches and vary from 200 000 to 220 000 experts. The majority of them is concentrated in cities with the biggest IT schools: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro and Odesa.

Predicted Number of IT Specialists

The biggest number of tech talent lives in Kyiv, yet workers there have the highest median salaries in the country.

Kyiv Salaries, Tech Specialists and another statistics
Source: Beetroot

In Conclusion

For the last five years, the Ukrainian IT industry showing stable, rapid growth. The industry overcame the Covid-19 crisis and now is bigger and stronger than ever before.

It’s no wonder that Ukrainian specialists have gained a reputation as experienced and reliable developers who do their job on time, providing top-notch technologies for their clients.

If you want to find skilled and trustworthy partners with more than 14 years of practice in the market, contact us, and we will help you on the journey of developing the best software solution for your business needs!

Ukrainian IT Industry in 2021 - Key Facts and Statistics
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Ukrainian IT Industry in 2021 - Key Facts and Statistics
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