This article is dedicated to problems with MS Dynamics CRM December 2012 update that you might have also encountered recently. The issues we encountered concern some custom JavaScript and crmForm compatibility functions.

CRM December 2012 Update Issues Resolved

Whereas the resolution of some issues was given in the “Resolve Breaking Script Issues When Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM” article, we had to fix some other problems which were out of the scope of that article.

Here we list the errors we faced and the ways to resolve them by applying the following changes:

1. XMLHttpRequest function error

Change this line: var XmlHttp = CreateXmlHttp();

to this: var XmlHttp = Mscrm.XmlUtil.createXmlHttp();

2. window.showModalDialog JavaScript error

The window was shown too small, so we’ve solved the error this way:

Change this line: window.showModalDialog(serverUri + ‘?DialogId=’ + dialogId + ‘&EntityName=’ + typeName + ‘&ObjectId=’ + triggerId , null, ‘dialogWidth=615,height=480,resizable=1,status=1,scrollbars=1’);

to this: window.showModalDialog(serverUri + ‘?DialogId=’ + dialogId + ‘&EntityName=’ + typeName + ‘&ObjectId=’ + triggerId , null, ‘dialogWidth: 615px; dialogHeight: 480px; resizable: yes; status: yes, scrollbars:yes;’);

3. crmForm error

Change this line: crmForm.all.ut_name.DataValue = name;

to this: Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“ut_name”).setValue(name);

4. Ribbon missing

We also faced an issue with Ribbon missing after CRM Online December 2012 Update.

To resolve it, we had to disable Form Assistant (the process is described in detail in the article).

We’ll be glad if you find our solutions for CRM December 2012 update issues helpful.

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