Dedicated Team Model in Software Development: Features and Advantages

Dedicated Team Model in Software Development: Features and Advantages

A dedicated team model is getting more and more popular among multiple enterprises as it gives them the possibility to get an extension of their own software development facilities. This model of cooperation involves hiring a development team that works exclusively on a specified project while clients are able to monitor the performed activities using their own management staff. Outsourcing vendors provide HR services, administrative support and infrastructure for the development team, while the team members present reports on the accomplished tasks to the customer.

In this article we’ll bring light to some major features and advantages of using a dedicated team collaboration model for your software outsourcing project.

When it’s appropriate to use a dedicated team model

Using a dedicated team model will be beneficial in the following cases:

  • If you plan to build long-term strategic relationships with your software development services provider and accomplishing of your plan requires a set of various skills and expertise and/or additional human resources;
  • If your requirements and goals are not clearly defined and may undergo significant changes in the development process or if the project’s scope is expected to change frequently;
  • If you foresee rapid shifts from one task to another one which is more important at the moment; a dedicated team model is useful here because you don’t have to re-negotiate, it’s enough just to re-assign the tasks.

Major features of a dedicated team model

Despite shortened development time and spending, hiring dedicated teams also bring up such benefits, as:

  • The team of developers dedicates full time to your project;
  • Customer can personally interview software developers and monitor their work, if he wishes to;
  • Customer has direct control over all the stages of the project;
  • Client obtains reports on the tasks’ progress on daily basis;
  • The costs are fixed and charged on monthly basis;
  • Customer’s project is managed by the dedicated project manager on the vendor’s side;
  • Client is completely involved (upon his wish), controlling time, tasks and personnel;

Benefits of a dedicated team model

  • Transparent salaries and hardware, software licenses expenditures, etc.;
  • Significant cost-reduction with no long-term investments, maintenance, start up expenditures or taxes;
  • Reducing administrative overhead;
  • Flexible contract terms;
  • Access to a vast pool of IT expertise and diversified programming skills;
  • Complete control over the team structure (easy replacement or addition of the team members);
  • Possibility to adapt a dedicated team to the on-site business process;
  • Developers become more qualified in the project’s technologies knowing they’ll support the solution later;
  • Increasing developer’s domain expertise in the process of work on your project;
  • Obtaining proactive employees due to reasonably durable involvement in the separate project;
  • Enhancing team cohesion and, as a result, obtaining more coordinated work;
  • Direct and frequent communication with team members and, as a result, better mutual understanding;
  • Comprehensive task progress reporting with extensive control.

The main feature of the dedicated team approach is the adaptability of the offshore team to the regular customer’s business practices, cultural peculiarities and methodology. You as a customer obtain an extension of your own on-site team accomplishing similar activities to your in-house personnel. You get full control of the software development process stages and are able to communicate with any offshore employee directly.


A dedicated team model is a great solution if you require complete control over the staff and technical resources due to its high level of transparency and flexibility. If you’re not sure that a dedicated team is suitable in your case, consult your service provider and select the most appropriate cooperation model corresponding to your needs.

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