Energy efficiency continues to be a national imperative across the EU, driven by the multiple challenges of the need for security of energy supply, dealing with fluctuating energy costs, and addressing global climate change.

We developed and designed a highly effective Energy Management Reporting software to monitor the usage of all energy resources.

Main Features of Energy Efficiency Management Software

  • Energy demand reduction
  • Monitoring and evaluating consumption and production of energy from renewable sources
  • Reducing peak energy demand and optimizing the capacity utilization
  • Organization-deep visibility into meter infrastructure
  • Comprehensive reports on the overall energy performance


  • High computing power to process millions of  data points on energy consumption by all public bodies
  • Complex data analysis of energy consumption to measure efficiency indicators
  • Real-time reporting on energy efficiency


  • Introducing energy efficiency management software led to enormous energy savings each year.
  • The system enabled the public institution to start to complete their sustainability goals of replacing traditional energy sources with renewables.
  • The energy efficiency management software gathers energy data from all public-sector organizations in one online dashboard.


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