Our company has successfully supported the development of a whole suite of digital tools for a large healthcare solution provider in the U.S.

This project began in 2012 and aimed at modernization and migration from the desktop to the web of the client’s most complex system, a pharmacy management software, written in Visual FoxPro.

Abto Software assisted the client by sharing their proficiency in the application migration projects and provided a team of 15 software engineers to work with the client’s on-site team in their US offices.

Our Patient Care System(PCS), EHR software solution for the US customer is intended for clinical and hospital use. The solution is used to simplify workflow, process claims, manage inventory, handle drugs prescriptions, verify medical insurance coverage, and more. Its main features are:

  • patient scheduling
  • prior authorizations and patient history management
  • lab tests and orders administration
  • chats inside company or department
  • finance regulation
  • practice analytics
  • medical data and history viewing by patients
  • creating appointments with providers

PCS complies with HIPAA and HITECH standards. That makes it highly interoperable, cloud-based and population health management tool.

Team and Technologies

15 .Net and JavaScript developers, 4 QA and a project manager are currently involved in the development of this solution.

It’s built using ASP.NET, SQL, Telerik UI, Javascript, CSS technologies.


  • Integrate all data sources together
  • Be highly customizable to support the needs of end customers
  • Support multiple security roles and hierarchical access

Blockchain for Digital Health Solutions

Leveraging innovative technologies to deliver transformative enterprise solutions in healthcare

Web-based portal for healthcare institutions and their customers

This is an EHR system designed to provide both patients and clinicians with health information, to help manage their condition and to equip medical practitioners with deep insight into patients’ daily healthcare habits. It supplies doctors and patients with the meaningful information dealing with complex and chronic conditions. Making claims data available to patients and clinicians, it provides access to online tools and communication for better management of patient care and drug prescription. For our customer’s convenience Abto designed a web platform and a mobile application for iOS devices.

Clinical Management System

This EMR enables clinicians to take effective measures for improving patient care by joining claims data from the entire healthcare spectrum. Our highly intuitive system with comprehensive features for an immediate secure and accurate patient data entry serves for practices of all sizes, either sole practitioners or large multi-specialty clinics due to its ability to be customized to meet the needs of the healthcare facility. This cloud-based software also assists in streamlining day-to-day activities of the institution setup.

Internal tracking and processes management system

This tool makes it possible for users to report, review, edit and manage issues and change requests regarding other vendor’s applications. The eHealth system also provides a variety of business reports for the applications and possibility to schedule appointments/encounters and manage custom documents and diagrams.

Main features of this eHealth system include:

  • clinical decision assessment support by access to evidence-based tools
  •  integrated claims data access
  • drug approvals and database access
  • advanced customized reporting tool based on real-time data
  • an option of clinical encounters by medical condition criteria panning
  • ad-hoc reporting based on all claims data types
  • clinical integration of the pharmacy
  • access to user profiles with all required data( medical history, diagnoses, medications prescribed, immunization data, allergies risks, radiology images, lab and test results state of disease, treatment reimbursement, insurance module etc)
  • a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate web interface
  • SAML-based SSO integration to other systems and third parties
  • automated and streamlined provider’s ETL workflow


  • Responsiveness to market changes and a possibility to be adapted to corporate needs
  • Enterprise-level ready certification
  • HIPAA Standards compliance
  • Data provided in time and on-demand
  • UA user-friendly and intuitive web interface

Abto Software provides innovative technology consulting and delivers transformative solutions for public corporations. With the focus on next-generation EHRs, predictive modeling, AI, blockchain, and medical imaging we fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered, providing solutions for value-based patient-first care. If you would like to know more about the value of blockchain and AI for digital health, contact us by filling out the form below.

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