Our PHP developers’ team has delivered an e-commerce marketplace for a highly popular loyalty software of a European airline. The idea is that customers can save points on their loyalty card for each plane trip they take which then can be used to purchase different products, available in a special shop. Features of the loyalty system include:

  • the e-commerce shop is available to over 3 millions members;
  • a shop offers more than 500 articles to the customer and is constantly updated with new and attractive seasonal products;
  • the products can be bought with virtual money or regular;
  • a solution is a great tool for increasing the member count and enhancing customer engagement.

E-commerce Shop for a Loyalty software solution

Abto Software team has delivered an e-commerce marketplace for loyalty program members of an airline company, providing support and maintenance services long-term. The project involved the modernization of the company’s software, including the implementation of the loyalty software shop with a multiple currency checkout (local and company’s own virtual money), and all interfaces.

The Result

We have successfully delivered an e-commerce marketplace that integrates with loyalty software that is used for introducing one of the biggest loyalty programs in the EU with more than 3.7 million members. The new system will speed up customer transactions, which are now completed in less than one second, and provide a more user-friendly website. For example, improved flexibility makes it easier to add and upgrade features and functionality, such as mobile apps and social media. The new marketplace allows running a greater number of personalized campaigns to help increase activity among current members.


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