Abto Software in Top 5 AI & Cognitive Computing Companies

“These companies have shown that they can adapt to rapidly evolving trends in the AI industry. Businesses wanting to take advantage of more cutting-edge technologies can trust these firms to provide high-quality products,” – Ben Dobkin, Clutch Growth Operations Analyst. On March 2nd, 2020 Clutch announced the top 15 Artificial Intelligence companies across five major …

Posted Mar 25, 2020

Clutch Recognizes Abto Software as Ukraine’s Top B2B Company

Ukraine’s Highest-Rated B2B Providers “The Ukrainian firms in Clutch’s report have shown they can provide high-quality results for their clients,” – Dustin Sammons, Clutch Business Analyst. On October 15th, 2019 Clutch has published a press release on its report listing the top Ukrainian B2B firms in four sections: Advertising & Marketing; Creative & Design; Development: …

Posted Nov 23, 2019

Abto Software among Top 15 AI Leaders on Clutch

top AI company

Artificial intelligence is no longer just science fiction or a futuristic theory. In 2019, it’s a technology of the present and businesses can apply it to streamline their processes. We believe AI will become a key catalyst in transforming human lives and the business world, which is why we are very excited that on May, 19 the …

Posted Jun 4, 2019

Abto Launches 2019 Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision Summer Camp

Computer Vision applications account for one of the five main AI trends in 2019 according to CB Insights while the International Data Corporation forecasts Artificial Intelligence solutions will deliver over $52B in global market revenue by 2021, reaching a compound annual growth rate of 46.2%. AI solutions will reach CAGR of 46% by 2021 Being …

Posted May 3, 2019

Lime-Tec Partners with Abto to Deliver Next-generation Retail Software

digital retail software for Lime-tec

On March 10th, 2019 Abto Software announced its strategic partnership with Lime-Tec AG, one of the largest independent providers of complete retail solutions from Switzerland. The retail industry is undergoing a real digital and business transformation with more physical stores closed their doors in 2018 than in any prior year. At the same time, a …

Posted Mar 25, 2019

Abto Software Computer Vision & AI Internship: Graduation Projects

During August 2018, 12 students completed the annual Computer Vision & AI internship at Abto Software. The interns, selected from among more than 120 candidates, attended a series of nine advanced lectures delivered by our R&D experts. Each of the lectures was followed by a lab section where interns discussed the presented material, asked questions, …

Posted Sep 19, 2018

Abto Launches Summer Computer Vision and Machine Learning Internship

Intensive one-month internship program with future employment opportunity About the program: the internship is coordinated by experienced lecturers in different areas such as Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning and AI detailed and interesting training program the duration of each class is 4 hours (40 hours in total) each class is divided into two parts (theoretical …

Posted May 7, 2018
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