High-performing VoIP SIP SDK

High-performing VoIP SIP SDK

Are you planning on extending your employee network’s functionality with audio and video calls over Internet? Then you’re at the right address – take communication within your corporate network on a new level!

Our custom, next-generation SDK, compatible with iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, and video door phones, provides convenient, secure telephony over Internet and Intranet with reliable technical support and updates. The VoIP SIP SDK enables engineers to create business applications with built-in audio and video calls or extend existing applications ensuring crystal clear sound. 

Main features of the custom VoIP SIP SDK

Suitable for most popular programming languages

When buying our SDK, you can choose between multiple popular programming languages, in particular:

  • C#
  • C++
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • B4A
  • Delphi

Compatible with different platforms

With our customizable VoIP SIP SDK, your engineers can develop single and cross-platform applications, including apps for iOS and Mac, Android, Windows.

Single-call and multi-call functionality

When extending or developing an application, you can choose between single-call and multi-call functionality. This means, the network’s end users can establish multiple calls at the same time and switch between them.

Conference calls

To improve your communication with employees or stakeholders, you can also arrange conference calls. Connect seamlessly in a common virtual meeting room and build better relationships.

Chrome extension

For even greater convenience, our solution functions as an extension for the Google Chrome Internet browser. The extension allows users to answer incoming calls without leaving the page.

Technical support

To advise and assist our clients with any issues concerning the implementation, we provide technical support. You can go on our website and create a ticket, and our technical specialists will soon get back to you. 

Get the most out of the purchased product

Design your business application with built-in audio and video calls

Develop a business application with convenient audio and video calling for more productive communication. Our customizable VoIP product is compatible with popular PBX systems (Avaya, Asterisk, GNU Gatekeeper), provides for multiple and conference calls, call hold, call recording, and is intuitively understood.

Customize an existing application 

Connect and engage people, improve communication between employees and overall business productivity. Our custom VoIP product can be seamlessly integrated into your corporate application, no matter the platform (iOS, Mac, Android, Windows).

Quickly get your product to market

Our SDK is a complete package with a comprehensive documentation, which facilitates software development. This simplifies solution design, integration and quality assurance.

Don’t worry about licensing 

With the one-time license already paid, you can freely distribute all applications based on the VoIP SIP SDK. Purchased licenses are completely royalty free.

Why choose our VoIP SIP SDK

By purchasing our package, you can:

  • Integrate the necessary functionality without utilizing external products
  • Create a convenient environment for your company’s employees or distribute the product
  • Save resources 
  • Increase efficiency by notably improving communication and cooperation
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