Industry 4.0: Industry of Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart Factory

Abto Software is a provider of cloud-based ERP and computer vision solutions for clients across different verticals, and as such we experience firsthand the effect that advancing technology can have on the business. Today’s post will cover how industry 4.0, the latest wave of industrialization has been forcing companies, operating in the manufacturing industry to …

Posted May 16, 2018

Real-time hockey player tracking: Getting the right trajectory

It was hockey players and coaches who were responsible for the development of the game of ice hockey since it was first played in Canada in 19th century. Introducing advanced equipment technology marked the first turning point in this fast fluid game. But the next revolutionising changes are happening in the world of computer vision …

Posted Feb 27, 2018

Top 12 Free Open Source ERP Software Solutions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software stands at the core of modern business organization helping it meet the demands of any market, with a set of the features and benefits that lead directly to increased efficiency and profit. Having an ERP software to help you manage your business should not mean you have to spend hundreds …

Posted Feb 8, 2018

Science is the new Black, or Physics and Art in Computer Vision

Clarke’s Third Law says that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. We would rather say that any advanced technology is a kind of art. There are two parts to this idea. The first part of the art lies, of course, in the beauty of the results, that’s the side that Clarke was talking …

Posted Dec 14, 2017

Get the Right Number: Image Processing for Object Counting

object counting using image processing

Automated counting applications for production lines are designed and developed to track, identify, separate and count products, and all sorts of objects in a bounded image area, and provide fast and highly accurate results. Many of today’s systems are built following traditional approaches to image processing which lowers their efficiency and accuracy. The automated counting …

Posted Oct 9, 2017

Computer Vision for Medical Imaging and Healthcare Applications

computer vision healthcare applications

Today’s healthcare industry strongly relies on precise diagnostics provided by medical imaging. In this article, we’ll describe this vast landscape of computer vision for medical imaging, and try to cover both well established and new medical imaging techniques and approaches. Let’s start with some abbreviations which we’ll use along the article: CV – computer vision, …

Posted Aug 7, 2017

AOI, Automated Optical Inspection for Pin Fault Detection in Backplanes

Backplanes are a group of electrical connectors with pins that are positioned parallel to each other in a way where each connector pin is linked to the corresponding pin of all the other connectors, forming a computer bus. Backplanes ensure correct interconnection, performance, and reliability of the system. Each backplane can have 60 connectors and …

Posted Jun 8, 2017

Kitchen Furniture & Appliances Recognition

Have you ever thought about how much time and effort we could save if we could make the computer do our manual tasks, like if you needed to make an apartment listing from the photos, and the computer was able to recognize the items in the image, and create the list of objects for you? …

Posted May 24, 2017
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