Real-time Fatigue Detection for Driver Monitoring Systems

Fatigue is a major factor causing road fatalities. With the aim of enhancing Driver Monitoring Systems with fatigue detection module, our R&D engineers have developed a custom computer vision algorithm that assesses the driver’s drowsiness based on the number of factors. Read more to discover how we quantified fatigue to alert the driver when they are at …

Posted Jun 10, 2019

Computer Vision Powers Automatic Jigsaw Puzzle Solver

At Abto Software we invest heavily into the initiatives that motivate and inspire young people to pursue careers in science and technology. Today’s post will let you have a peek at the research project our R&D engineers developed together with the students that attended our latest computer vision workshop. Image Processing for Puzzle Solving Classic …

Posted Apr 1, 2019

Optical Character Recognition of Handwritten Numbers

We live in a world of numbers. But what’s the point if they are not usable? Even in the technological era, a lot of information is still stored in an analog way – only a small fraction of the world’s resources are available digitally. Today’s post will uncover how Abto computer vision engineers built an …

Posted Oct 4, 2018

Violence Detection for Smart Surveillance Systems

With the aim of expanding the range of our Smart Surveillance Systems solutions that already cover face detection, license plate recognition, traffic flow monitoring, and object counting Abto Software is now developing a real-time violence detection technology that can be easily integrated with any security system. Its primary function is to ensure public safety through …

Posted Aug 1, 2018

Real-time Vehicle Counting with Traffic Flow Measurement System

Cities are first of all built for people, and in today’s world, science and technology hold the power to transform the places we live in into highly efficient, technologically driven havens – the so-called smart cities. The Smart City Paradigm is a key for making the growing number of cities around the globe more tech-savvy, …

Posted May 30, 2018

Industry 4.0: Industry of Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart Factory

Abto Software is a provider of cloud-based ERP and computer vision solutions for clients across different verticals, and as such we experience firsthand the effect that advancing technology can have on the business. Today’s post will cover how industry 4.0, the latest wave of industrialization has been forcing companies, operating in the manufacturing industry to …

Posted May 16, 2018

Real-time hockey player tracking: Getting the right trajectory

It was hockey players and coaches who were responsible for the development of the game of ice hockey since it was first played in Canada in 19th century. Introducing advanced equipment technology marked the first turning point in this fast fluid game. But the next revolutionising changes are happening in the world of computer vision …

Posted Feb 27, 2018

Top 12 Free Open Source ERP Software Solutions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software stands at the core of modern business organization helping it meet the demands of any market, with a set of the features and benefits that lead directly to increased efficiency and profit. Having an ERP software to help you manage your business should not mean you have to spend hundreds …

Posted Feb 8, 2018

Science is the new Black, or Physics and Art in Computer Vision

Clarke’s Third Law says that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. We would rather say that any advanced technology is a kind of art. There are two parts to this idea. The first part of the art lies, of course, in the beauty of the results, that’s the side that Clarke was talking …

Posted Dec 14, 2017
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