Abto’s Guide to Choosing The Best Chatbot Framework for Intent Recognition

The Challenge At Abto Software we needed to create an intelligent English and German-speaking chatbot for customer support and an intent recognition system for internal processes automation for one of our clients. That was needed to help the customer support department solve client problems in a faster and more efficient way by using natural language …

Posted Apr 30, 2020

.NET Based Modern Enterprise Architecture

Abto Software is a provider of quality ASP.NET solutions with comprehensive ASP.NET and .NET framework utilization. Today we share our practical experience by reviewing the ways of implementing modern enterprise solutions using Microsoft .NET ecosystem. ASP.NET Web App Development Build robust software applications with extensive functionality and diverse customization options. Read More There are many …

Posted Mar 19, 2020

From ADAS to Sign Language Translation, How Gesture Recognition Disrupts our World

To understand how gesture recognition technologies change the way we interact with gadgets and even with each other, we highlight the most popular use cases, analyze the industries that will be transformed first, and present our take on building our own hand gesture recognition system. Demand for Gesture Recognition is on the Rise Gesture recognition …

Posted Nov 4, 2019

How AI-powered Data Extraction Helps Automate Document Processing

As OCR technologies become increasingly important for digitizing business processes we are looking for ways to perform text recognition more efficiently in terms of time, accuracy, and computational resources. Abto computer vision engineers have proposed a novel approach to data extraction that focuses only on the meaningful information within your files and retrieves key-value pairs …

Posted Sep 24, 2019
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