Outsource Java Software Development and Win

Currently, numerous companies and organizations across the world are reaping the benefits of outsourcing Java software development projects. Java is considered to be one of the most utilized programming languages nowadays. Due to its obvious advantages Java has gained popularity among software developers worldwide. It is portable, meaning it will work on all kinds of …

Posted Mar 15, 2012

“The Washington Post” Provides Ukraine with Exclusive Coverage

“The Washington Post”, the renowned American printed edition with the audience exceeding half a million readers, issued a supplement special on Ukraine for the first time in its history. The Embassy of Ukraine in the USA came up with the idea of cooperating with The Washington post, taking into account its promotional experience of the …

Posted Feb 9, 2012

Lviv is a new IT outsourcing destination

Outsourcint to Ukraine - outsource your projects to Ukraine Lviv

Lviv is considered to be a capital of Western Ukraine, seventh largest Ukrainian city and a major educational and cultural center. It is a unique city, famous for its UNESCO listed tourism attractions and close connections with Western European culture. Lviv was named the Best Ukrainian City to Live In by Focus Magazine in 2009. …

Posted Feb 1, 2012

Why Choose .NET for Your Project

.NET makes applications robust, secure and high quality. .NET is a platform-independent framework designed to provide individual and business users with an interoperable and web-enabled interface. The framework integrates systems, people, information, and devices through software and makes communication between users more efficient. End-users obtain security-enhanced applications of high quality and capability. MS .NET helps …

Posted Jan 24, 2012

Outsourcing Software Development Benefits & Pitfalls

Outsourcing Software Development

Nowadays companies are striving to accelerate their business and choose to outsource the project offshore to safe cost and time. Companies not always have the capacity and human resource to fulfill large scale projects. This is when software development outsourcing comes handy, helping to accomplish projects in time and within the budget and without hiring …

Posted Jan 13, 2012

Image Processing: Deconvolution

original degraded image obtained from cell phone, degradation type: out-of-focus blur

Accomplishing a number of mobile development projects our experts were getting more and more interested in video and image processing techniques. As a part of our internal Research/Modeling projects Abto Software specialists are now involved in the research of various image restoration methods used in digital image processing applications.

Posted Oct 17, 2011
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