Hiring offshore .NET developers in 2023: skills, rates, and locations

Hiring offshore .NET developers in 2023: skills, rates, and locations

In today’s fast-changing environment, offshoring .NET software development is a transformational strategy. Transferring complex technical parts, business leaders save time and cost, access the worlds-best specialists, and get the opportunity to scale much faster.

But why do startups and even international organizations choose to outsource .NET custom development

Software development hiring market in 2022

For multiple apparent reasons, most companies in the United States prefer involving dedicated teams to cover technical tasks, in particular .NET development, which include:

  • The necessity to take overall performance on a higher level
  • The need for strong team leaders
  • Hiring hardships associated with talent shortage
  • Limited resources including time and cost

According to Zip Recruiter, in 2022, .NET engineers can count on a salary range between $38,500 and $165,000 in the United States:

1. Senior .NET solution architects

The average salary level for US-based senior .NET solution architects is $110,000-$165,000 per year.

A senior solution architect’s responsibilities include:

  • Project planning
    • The identification of the best-fitting architecture for a particular project
    • The assessment of risks, timeline estimates, and rewards
  • Design creation
  • Project guidance and support
  • Issue resolution

2. Senior .NET software developers

The average salary level for US-based senior .NET software developers is $93,000-$131,500 per year.

A senior software developer’s responsibilities include:

  • Scope determination in cooperation with assigned project managers and clients
  • Framework creation
  • Code production
  • System upgrading, configuring, debugging, and support

3. Full stack .NET engineers

The present salary range for a full stack .NET engineer is $87,000-$123,500 per year.

The responsibilities:

  • Project planning in cooperation with involved team members
  • Software design
  • Code production including both front- and back-end parts
  • System upgrading, configuring, debugging, and support

A quite similar situation can be observed in Western Europe, where numerous tech startups are concentrated: rising demand for skilled .NET developers along with limited supply leads to salary rises and an intense rivalry. That’s how Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia, swiftly become popular regions for finding external assistance.

According to Coursera’s Global Skills Report of 2022, Ukraine, Poland, and Hungary made it to the world’s top in the technology domain, in particular software and security engineering, including also .NET development. Those destinations provide required expert knowledge and experience for relatively low prices.

IT market in Ukraine

The Ukrainian IT industry has made a huge leap forward and turned into an important sector employing over 300 thousand IT professionals and growing by 25-30% annually.

The Ukrainian IT domain has some great advantages in comparison to its nearest competitors:

  • The largest labor market
  • The most university graduates with an IT specialization 

Referring to the Ukraine IT Report, there are:

  • 18,6 thousand registered legal entities by the end of 2021
  • 8,7 thousand active legal entities by the end of 2021

Which makes:

Number of registered and active IT legal entities in Ukraine, in thousands

Considering the large number of both small and medium-sized companies, the sector is very diverse today. These companies are involved in services, which include artificial intelligence, computer vision, cloud services, and more.

Speaking about IT export, the trend points to an increase on average by 27% per year, and the main drivers include the following countries:

  1. United States (40%)
  2. Great Britain (10%)
  3. Switzerland
  4. Malta
  5. Israel
  6. Cyprus
  7. Germany 
  8. Canada
  9. Denmark
  10. Netherlands
Top IT export partners, from 2016 to 2020

.NET-based development: required skills

Programming technology

Programming languages:

  • C#
  • C++
  • F#
  • VB.NET

Database application:

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Client-side technology

Software developers competent in client-side technology sensibly diversify their worth and employability. These skills allow building user-friendly interfaces that improve overall appeal and provide easy navigation.

Client-side technology might include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap


ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core are cross-platform, open-source frameworks for building reliable applications. These frameworks provide advantages like simplicity, high performance, flexible deployment, and support.  

What’s more, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core are perfect for building lightweight applications running on:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Docker


ASP.NET MVC is a design pattern that helps separate concerns and gain more control over every app function. The technology provides access to numerous client-side technologies, which improves overall time-to-market and efficiency.

The utilization of the ASP.NET MVC design pattern allows building high-performing and protected applications. By helping to decouple user interface, data and app logic, this technology provides for test-driven development and sensibly eases coding in general.

Database knowledge

Database knowledge is crucial when speaking about accessing, editing, updating, and managing data stored. This acquirement helps handling various challenges associated with data volume and security, scalability limits, database and infrastructure management, and more.

When involving dedicated developers, make sure they have these skills:

  • Data analysis
  • Database management
  • Database planning and design
  • Account and file management

Cloud expertise

A skilled .NET developer must know the advantages and disadvantages of the three popular cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Azure) to make right decisions when it comes to specific projects. Speaking about .NET development in particular, knowing Azure is of greatest importance, as it is frequently used within this framework.

Aside from cloud experience, the involved dedicated developer should also be able to handle cloud migration to achieve:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Business automation
  • Collaboration efficiency

.NET developers’ hourly rates

With today’s increasing digitalization, business growth is no longer limited to country of residence or region. Cost and time efficiency, a large talent pool, as well as scalability are just some reasons why more and more businesses decide to transfer their needs.

The average salary range all across the world varies greatly, and depends mostly on:

  • Salary range
  • Living cost
  • Taxation system
  • Market demand

When considering the above listed factors, it is not surprising that the United States have the highest salaries. And although that is an advantage for employees, many employers re-consider their business strategies due to excessive expenses.

To allocate their resources more wisely, more and more companies are headhunting outside the United States. They mostly turn to Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia.   

The average hourly rate for .NET software developers in economically developed countries:

CountryAverage hourly rate
North America$49,77
Great Britain$34,80

According to SalaryExpert

The average hourly rate for .NET software specialists in Ukraine (as of June 2022):

Position/ExperienceAverage hourly rate
System architect with 4+ years of working experience$39,70
Senior .NET software engineer with 4+ years of working experience$25,55
Middle .NET software engineer with 4+ years of working experience$17,00
Junior .NET software engineer with no working experience$5,39

According to DOU.ua

Why choose .NET development

Reasons to choose .NET for your project. By Abto Software

Improved performance and productivity

With sensibly high speed, the framework is the perfect choice when it comes to building fast, robust products. Enclosing speedy, just-in-time compilation, the technology guarantees better user experience and shorter response times.

Providing modern language constructs like generics, the framework helps programmers boost productivity. Thanks to various extensive class libraries, multi-language support, common APIs, and tools, the technology can be confidently described as the most popular among rivals, according to Stack Overflow.

Cross-platform opportunities

This framework allows designing diversiform products, running fast and smoothly on every popular platform. That means, software developers can apply their knowledge and experience to work in a familiar environment, which improves overall productivity and saves human resources.

No matter the project, the framework provides efficient, easy-to-learn solutions for every possible product. From applications for iOS and Android, to enterprise server applications for Windows and Linux, there are suitable options for everyone.

Open source

The foundation behind the .NET framework is a non-profit organization with an international community. Having over 100,000 contributors from over 3,700 companies, the modern .NET platform provides countless useful tools and valuable member support.  

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment is another great advantage of the .NET ecosystem:

  • .NET Core can be:
    • Integrated into your program 
    • Deployed separately

  • You can run multiple versions of .NET Core on the same computer to handle diverse challenges

Why outsource .NET and ASP.NET development

Project outsourcing can be best-fitting for:

  • Startups with limited budgets
  • Businesses lacking tech expertise
  • Businesses desiring faster growth

External assistance helps businesses:

  • Focus on business priorities
  • Access the latest technologies
  • Reduce risks

When outsourcing .NET and ASP.NET development, you can benefit from:

Lower costs

Contacting an offshore .NET development company, you mustn’t worry about

  • Recruitment challenges
  • Workspace setup
  • Day-to-day management
  • Hardware equipment

Faster time-to-market

Turning to offshore .NET development services, you skip time-intense processes like hiring and interviewing, onboarding, training, and managing.

Best-in-class specialists

When engaging dedicated teams for .NET application development, you access competent specialists that are well-versed in domain-specific skills, whether its healthcare services, retail, Internet, or else.

High scalability

By contracting dedicated teams for custom .NET development, you can quickly scale your squad depending on your needs.

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