From Excel to modern .NET application

From Excel to modern .NET application

We assisted a leading manufacturing corporation in converting Excel sheets and graphs to a .NET application. Our client was using Excel sheets to calculate motorcycle belt drive parameters, which turned out inefficient when speaking about more complex workflows.

What’s wrong with Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a popular program comprising spreadsheets to organize large volumes of numbers and data. MS Excel was released in 1985 and quickly became entrenched in day-to-day business activities, from analyzing stocks, issuers, and budgeting, to organizing sales lists. 

The tool provides multiple essential and advanced features:

  • Graphical features (charts, shapes, smart arts, clip arts)
  • Database features (standard and cross tables, slicers, sparklines, sorting, filtering, validation, grouping)
  • Functional features (built-in formulas, add-ins, hyperlinks, spell checks, conditional format)
  • And additional useful features (themes, styles, and more)

And can sensibly streamline:

  • Data management
  • Accounting management
  • Financial analysis and modeling 
  • Simplified charting and graphing
  • Time management
  • Task management

Sure thing, Excel spreadsheets are great to handle voluminous data and generate accurate graphics for reports. But with complex workflows, problems arise.

The software can be described as:

  • Quite difficult to troubleshoot
  • Very vulnerable to fraud
  • Unfit for collaborative work
  • Unsuitable for agile practices

Successful conversion to a .NET application

Compared to Excel spreadsheets, .NET applications provide considerable business benefits, including security. So, for our client, it was a rational, opportune moment to re-think accustomed approaches.

The arguments were ironclad:

  • Excel spreadsheets aren’t designed to handle complex algorithms, so it can either slow down or stop working completely when facing bigger workloads
  • .NET applications, on the other hand, are aimed to handle large volumes of numbers and data, as well as handle complex algorithms, and that with ease

In the Excel spreadsheets, the sheets were cross-referenced and variables were hidden behind charts and fonts. What’s more, additional code was executed in VBA, which sensibly hindered troubleshooting and maintenance. When complex business processes are being implemented in Excel spreadsheets, such problems are inevitable. That’s why, at the very beginning, we prioritized a thorough workflow investigation.

Our team:

  • First, streamlined the workflow into consecutive and easy-to-follow wizard steps
  • Second, created a comprehensive user manual to help 
    • Newbies spend less time on training
    • Experts improve overall productivity

When converting Excel spreadsheets, we also made sure that the .NET application will provide neat reporting. Keenly following the client’s corporate guidelines, we ensured the reports can be easily created and extracted in convenient PDF format.

What’s more:

  • The implemented automatic updates ensure latest version improvements to the app’s functionality and always up-to-date data
  • The integrated authorization module provides restricted, controlled access to the app’s modules 
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The benefits of switching to a .NET application

The modern .NET framework is an open-source platform supporting various programming languages and tools. The ecosystem allows building cross-platform applications for desktop, web, mobile, and IoT. 

Speaking about .NET benefits in general, there are both benefits:

Benefits of switching to a .NET application for businesses and developers
  • For businesses:
    • Improved performance
    • Greater scalability
    • Better protection
    • Simplified maintenance
    • Cross-platform capabilities
    • Multi-language support
  • For programmers:
    • Easy deployment
    • Wide range of languages, libraries, compilers, and other useful tools
    • Less coding
    • Large community
.NET development
Delivering reliable and easy-to-maintain .NET solutions

How we can help

Are you constantly struggling with your Excel spreadsheets and ready to optimize your routines?

If so, it’s time to switch to a .NET application and enjoy:

  • Improved stability and performance
  • Greater flexibility and scalability
  • Better security
  • Easier maintenance 

With over 16 years of delivering .NET services, Abto Software is the perfect partner to handle the challenge! Backed up by an impressive portfolio of over 200 projects, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver .NET solutions, precisely tailored to your specific needs.

We provide:

In particular:

  • .NET software development (desktop, web, mobile, IoT)
  • .NET software modernization
  • AI-augmented software automation
  • Azure-based software development

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