Science Intensive Software Development by Abto

When we successfully accomplish a science intensive project for you, you will stand out for the quality in your activity sphere, considerably reduce your costs, reinforce your revenue source with the solutions from the leading edge of technology and definitely gain a lot of competitive advantages on the market.

Our Software R&D Department Serves Your Business Values

Research & Development activities help companies foster innovation, remain competitive and as a result increase their revenue while helping to obtain priceless new knowledge, applicable to the company’s core business needs and drivers. Abto Software perceives R&D services as the first milestone towards satisfaction of our most demanding customers’ needs. We also understand that carrying out science intensive projects, both service- and performance-oriented, often requires extensive data collection, analysis and usage of the most innovative technologies and tools.

R&D Software Development Serves Your Business Values

A set of our science intensive software tools is efficiently utilized in a quite varied industries worldwide, including:

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Military & Police
  • Chemical Industry
  • Agriculture and Mining Industries
  • Manufacturing, Packaging
  • Electronics & Nanoelectronics Engineering
  • Construction Services

Hire a Creative World-Class Ukrainian Team of R&D Developers

Hire a Creative World-Class Team of R&D Developers

Ukraine boasts a historically inherited world-class technical education level. The Abto Software specialists’ education perfectly fits the task of serving customers that requires implementation of scientific and hi-tech research projects. 92% of Abto Software’s programmers who graduated from Lviv and other Ukrainian universities have higher education and 86% of them attained bachelor or master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Physics, Software Engineering and other related sciences. Our core software Research & Development team employs PhDs from a dozen of applied and theoretical science branches.

Professional Services in Science Intense Development: Outsourcing Innovation

Science intensive expertise and innovative approach distinguish Abto Software on the Eastern European IT outsourcing market from the moment the company was set up in Lviv, Ukraine.
Our services within science intensive development and R&D activities include a number of domains, but we are especially proficient in mathematical modeling. This gives our customers who need mathematical modeling solutions developed for their technological processes, e.g. mechanical and electrical engineering, mining, metallurgy and chemistry industries, etc., powerful tools for solving their tasks.
Our company’s experience and theoretical knowledge in mathematical modeling and related fields can be roughly categorized as follows:

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Applied Analysis
  • Queuing & Math Simulation
  • Statistical & Probabilistic analysis
  • Applied Optimization
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Mathematical physics
  • Solid State Physics
  • Elasticity Theory
  • Membrane theory
  • String theory
  • Regression Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Signal Analysis
  • Acoustics
  • Hydraulics
  • Quantum theory applications
  • Statistical quality control
  • Neural networks & other machine learning techniques
  • Image analysis
  • Chemistry & Molecular Biophysics
  • Design of experiments
  • Large scale data mining
  • Physical and chemical processes simulation
  • Applied low-level electronics software development and microchip programming

Professional Services in Science Intense Development

The complete cycle of mathematical modeling and simulation services offered by Abto consists of the following stages:

  • problem formulation
  • construction of a mathematical model
  • solving the mathematical problem (often numerically)
  • math modeling software/application development
  • results’ interpretation and model correction.

Our science intensive approach to your hardest problem is here to help you stay ahead of competitors – and ahead of time. Give us a try!

We at Abto Software are experienced in accomplishing sophisticated and extremely science intensive projects for the Eastern Europe and global customers. Almost all of these projects required specific scientific knowledge, creative approach and world-class education, lots of them were considered by external experts to be outstandingly hard or nearly impossible to accomplish with present time technological and theoretical tools. These tasks include mathematical modeling of complex processes, security-based applications analysis and development, voice and sound recognition software development, etc. We are proud to say that we managed to solve every one of those tasks and problems, often ahead of schedule and always within budget. We feel like the hardest challenges for our R&D team still lie ahead! Please, see a list of our featured projects below.


User identafication based on foot pressure profileUser identafication based on foot pressure profile

Toner particles behavior modelingToner particles behavior modeling in complex electro-magnetic fields

Model of indentation processNano-Indentation of Layered Substrate

Compression Behaviour Of Solid FoamCompression Behaviour Of Solid Foam

We are scientists, we are engineers, and we love to bring innovations to the world. Armed with all the power of science, creativity and years of experience, our R&D team will help you find a solution to the hardest task. Contact Abto today, tell us about your problem and get ready to step into the future.

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