Web-based Video Communication and e-Documents Signing Solution is a Java-based project for our US-based customer – a software development company delivering world-class videoconferencing and collaboration solutions.

Upon our customer’s request Abto Software specialists take part in the development and support of our customer’s browser-based video communication solution that delivers the convenience of online collaboration with the personal touch of a one-to-one meeting.

The main goal of this project was to arrange signing of electronic documents via remote access (videoconference). The process is as follows: an agent stores some documents, which should be signed by his client, on his computer. The agent enters data about his new clients or chooses from the existing ones, generates a set of documents for this client or a group of clients (signers) and shares these documents during an online videoconference with the client for him to be able to sign them. Afterwards all the signed documents are available for download via email.

The Web-based Video Communication and e-Documents Signing Solution is a highly secure, high-quality, easy-to-use solution that enables you to have video meetings, share and collaborate on content, and finalize agreements with agents entirely online, in real time, including the actual signing. It is sure to be helpful to our customer’s agents for improving their sales, customer service, efficiency and training. The fact that you can safely and simply meet you clients through their web browsers enhances your online presence and provides clients with true convenience while reinforcing their trust and confidence in you and your services.

Video Communication and e-Documents Signing Solution‘s key features:

  • High quality video communications
  • No need in installation or download of any additional clients or plugins
  • Multipoint calling and videoconference
  • Instant real-time content sharing
  • Upon signing documents are available for download via email
  • An agent can create new clients, edit the existing ones, review actions performed with various sets of documents

Key benefits of the Web-based Video Communication and e-Documents Signing Solution:

  • No costs connected with visits to client premises
  • More effective collaboration with clients
  • Instant integration with existing sales and CRM technology
  • Sales increase
  • Market coverage increase at minimal cost

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