Abto Software’s team designed and developed a web portal for our Netherlands-based customer from real estate industry. The web portal provides access to and allows to search through a large database of rental apartments and rooms. This web portal is meant for both property owners who would like to lease their property out, property managers, real estate agents and those who want to find a place to rent.

The web portal serves as an online marketplace and helps users search for an apartment that suits their wishes in the largest real estate property social network of the Netherlands. Users can find apartments matching their demands, or contact an owner or roommate directly through the website and the app, and stay up-to-date with the newest listings and messages through email and push notifications on a mobile device.

The website allows to filter apartments according to the following criteria:

  • Type of a listing (e.g. apartment, room, studio, student residence)
  • Furnishings (e.g. furnished, unfurnished, uncarpeted)
  • Suitability filter (males or females; students; working people; working students; people searching for a job)
  • Number of people allowed per room
  • Roommates (e.g. select the gender and number of roommates)
  • Distance utilities (distance to city center; bus stops; supermarkets etc)

The biggest challenges of the project were the large database volume and high load balancing which were solved by means of the most optimized code and architecture developed by our experts. Among the features of the website created for real estate purposes are:

  • Integration with Facebook
  • Creation of business logic for the mobile website and mobile apps
  • Automated real estate database population and filtering
  • Data transformation, importing and replication

A Website for Renting Rooms


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