Energy & Utilities

Abto Software deals with top-notch energy and utilities software development for diverse corporate and individual users' needs. Company's dedicated team of software developers creates reliable applications designed to assist end-user in managing the PC and performing specific tasks like: online management and planning systems, conversion applications, applications for project management routines, utilities that allow computer usage controlling, etc.

Our  energy and utilities development services are widely leveraged in Distribution & Retail industries. Abto Software's highly qualified specialists select the most appropriate technologies, tools and programming languages, such as C++, Flash, Flex, .NET, ADO.NET , JavaScript, etc. for company's energy and utilities applications development services.


The Development of a Market Intelligence Environment for Cleantech Solutions

Project overview It’s a community of organizations advancing reliable and cost-effective renewable energy and cleantech solutions around the world. The developed platform simplifies the cleantech buying process by connecting members to trusted experts, viable projects and technologies, and exclusive market intelligence to enable and accelerate transaction decisions. Content: About the project Project Goals and Challenges …

Cloud-Based Data-Driven Energy Efficiency Management Software for Governmental Institutions

Energy efficiency continues to be a national imperative across the EU, driven by the multiple challenges of the need for security of energy supply, dealing with fluctuating energy costs, and addressing global climate change. We developed and designed a highly effective Energy Management Reporting software to monitor the usage of all energy resources. Main Features …

Energy Management Software for Leading Irish Electricity Supplier

Project Overview Abto Software developed an Energy management software for registering, storing, and processing information from electricity meters. Our client, a leading supplier of electricity on the Irish market, is using a specialized system for registration of Electricity Meters Points at all kinds of premises, either personal residences or business properties. Over 2 mln Meter Point Reference Numbers …

Custom Utility Software Development for Public Organizations

We created a customised management software for water utilities for public organizations in Ireland. The system makes easier administration, accounting, customer information, data management. Our solution guarantees considerable cost savings to various businesses and vertical markets. This utility software simplifies communications with customers and systemizes the whole workflow including the billing.  Client request Our client, …

Commodities and Utilities Consumption Management System

Our IT experts participated in a scalable joint project for a customer from Belgium – a worldwide known provider of diverse services and solutions in Facility Management sphere serving Fortune Global 100 companies. The project we worked on is a scalable system designed to manage the consumption of various utilities and commodities such as electricity, …

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