Digitization of digital health systems and patient health records is a primary foundation of the government initiative from 2017 to build a unified electronic health records system.

Abto Software works with Medikit, a healthcare tech startup, launched in 2017. Working with Ukraine’s National Ministry of Health they aim at building a digital healthcare ecosystem of medical interaction between patients, doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance companies offering value-based patient-centric healthcare. 

The first digital health tool to be delivered is Telekit, a telemedicine software that utilizes blockchain technology to connect patients with their doctor on a convenient and secure video consultation platform.  It comes with a secure universal EHR solution. The different organizations such as doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and health insurers can request permission to access a patient’s record to serve their purpose.

Project Challenges

  • Security risks to patient data: data security is paramount due to the increased sensitivity of medical data.  In fact, the healthcare industry has more data breaches than any other sector and medical records are being stolen and passed on.
  • Lack of transparency: in present-day healthcare, there is a lack of transparency between all parties involved. Patients have no immediate access to health records written by medical professionals. Medical professionals are only able to share data quickly within their own organization or with other health professionals using the same EHR system.
  • Integration with the national ehealth system: the software will work in all the governmental clinics and medical institutions, serving millions of users. 

Blockchain Development for Telemedicine 

The digital health software is built using blockchain technology. The blockchain controls access to health records and is built using Hyperledger Fabric. The Hyperledger blockchain network is permission-based and requires users to sign up to use it. Permissioning on the network is controlled using Hyperledger modeling and access control languages. Hyperledger Fabric is a platform for distributed ledger solutions underpinned by a modular architecture delivering high degrees of confidentiality, resilience, flexibility, and scalability. Medical information is often highly sensitive, in both a social and legal sense, so a closed blockchain such as Hyperledger Fabric helps to retain the necessary privacy required for such an application.

Blockchain for Digital Health Solutions

Hyperledger Fabric is a better solution for managing access to health records, as it accommodates for multiple layers of permission, meaning the owner of a set of data can control which parts of their data is accessed.

Delivered Digital Health Tools

In 2018 we have successfully delivered a beta version of the software that is already used by thousands of Ukrainian citizens every day. For now, our team was able to deliver a few modules with the functionality listed below.


Telemedicine, an online consultation with a doctor and patient using a webcam interface, is set to be the future of consultations. From the patient’s perspective, the time for seeking consultation is massively reduced by removing the need to physically attend the doctor’s practice. The ehealth solution not only provides this established and successful format of consultation but will accommodate the doctor by enabling them to interact live with the patient’s records during the consultation. Patients would grant access to their records during the telemedicine consultations, allowing for a more in-depth, informative, and valuable experience for both the patient and doctor.  

Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR)

EHR stands for Electronic medical records, which are the digital equivalent of paper records, or charts at a clinician’s office. By implementing EHR, patient data can be tracked over an extended period of time by multiple healthcare providers. The blockchain-based EHR  we have developed puts full control over the health data in the patient’s hands.  Patients can provide different levels of access to various users, by assigning a set of access permissions and designating who can query and write data to their blockchain. The patient, being the owner of their own medical records, will be able to fully control who accesses their data and which information they access. The patient would have the ability to grant access to their EHR to other users and revoke access by setting up a time-limited gateway, thereby improving data security.

Approved clinicians on the telemedicine platform will have the ability to ‘read and write’ to the patient’s records.

Online Appointment

It offers the opportunity to book medical appointments electronically in medical institutions or online. In addition, this service will allow its users to reschedule or cancel the upcoming appointments. The patient will be able to view pending and past medical appointments.

When selecting a physician, a patient can make an informed decision about a doctor based on recommendations from both fellow patients and other doctors. They can book an appointment quickly and easily, and leave reviews themselves following their appointment.

Doctor’s Account

By leveraging an integrated platform, the family practitioners and other doctors can nurture ongoing patient relationships to keep patients on a path toward better health. The solutions help healthcare providers track and monitor patient health progress. The solution allows doctors to:

  • see all their patient medical records and share them when needed
  • keep track of all their appointments
  • access knowledge base and consult other doctors.

House Call

A patient can request an onsite consultation with licensed, qualified doctors. With this service, not only will you receive treatment when your family GP clinic or doctor is closed, but you’ll also be treated by one of our approved doctors in the comfort of your own home. 

To deliver a digital healthcare ecosystem Medikit is set to integrate their digital health software with other healthcare providers:

  • Available drugs portal, National initiative that supports full or partial reimbursement for the specified drugs and other medicine
  • Online pharmacies
  • Insurance companies


Abto Software provides innovative technology consulting and delivers transformative solutions for public corporations. With the focus on next-generation EHRs, predictive modeling, AI, blockchain and medical imaging we fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered, providing solutions for value-based patient-first care. If you would like to know more about the value of blockchain and AI for digital health, contact us by filling out the form below.

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