Blockchain Solutions Development for Healthcare

Leveraging innovative technologies to deliver transformative enterprise solutions in healthcare vertical

Abto Software provides blockchain solutions and custom software development services that improve the collaboration between healthcare stakeholders, automate business processes and decrease operational costs.

Our team of software development experts has delivered blockchain solutions for healthcare that are consistently recognized as the best in their respective categories. From tackling healthcare accessibility with telemedicine, and medical data interoperability with next-generation EHR/EMR, our advanced digital health tools are at the cutting age of innovation.

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of Healthcare Experience
30 Skilled
Software Engineers
40 Healthcare solutions

We understand and follow every government’s regulatory mandate and create healthcare information systems that adhere to strict protocols.

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How Blockchain Solutions can Address
Healthcare Challenges

Due to its inherent transparency and security features, the blockchain technology
can reimagine every aspect of healthcare services, including accessibility of medical services, drug traceability, insurance processing, payment and settlement, and
medical financial services.

The blockchain is a distributed system that records peer to peer transactions, tracks the changes across networks, and stores and exchanges data for cryptographies. Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, placing the patient at the core of the healthcare ecosystem and enhancing the security, privacy, integrity, and interoperability of health data. This technology will offer a new, more effective and secure model for health information exchanges (HIE).

Blockchain for Medical
devices supply chain

  • Unique identifiers for medical devices or assets on the blockchain.
  • Autonomous monitoring and preventive maintenance of medical devices.
  • Secure tracking and management of medical devices and medical assets with unique identifiers on the blockchain.
  • Encryption and permanent storage of device generated health data with access control and smart contact features.

Blockchain for Healthcare insurance

  • Automating claims management to eliminate non-value generating processes and intermediaries.
  • Automating underwriting, policy insurance, and other BIR activities.
  • Improving claimant and beneficiary KYC process.

Blockchain for Electronic Healthcare Records

  • Longitudinal Electronic Health Records (EHRs).
  • Improving Health information exchange across various health care providers.
  • Ensuring data consistency and security.

Blockchain for Drugs supply chain

  • Automating the serialization and geo-tagging process across value chain activities such as production, development, and testing by manufacturing facilities.
  • Improving track and trace systems and ensure compliance with US FDA, EU FMD.
  • Checking drug counterfeiting.

Blockchain for Clinical trials

  • Clinical research and data sharing.
  • Managing IP and R&D asset transactions on the blockchain.

Get Ready to Transform Healthcare with
Blockchain Solutions

Our Blockchain Expertise for Digital Health

When working on the healthcare blockchain solution our team will help your company not only evaluate your blockchain development project but also work out a proper implementation strategy and secure needed blockchain talent.

With more than 10 years of software development experience and one of the largest R&D development centers in Eastern Europe, we are able to move faster and develop digital health systems that disrupt the traditional care delivery models.

We help our clients identify the cost-benefits of blockchain use cases and understand the distributed technology. In our experience, we found that most healthcare organizations require additional expert technology consulting services in such areas as information architecture, software engineering, network infrastructure, health IT systems integration, and UX/UI.


R&D and Innovative Technology Consulting
Blockchain Dapp development
Private Blockchain for Secure Health Information Exchange
Fully decentralized permissioned network
End-to-end ICO services
Smart contracts

Tools and Technologies

When choosing a blockchain platform for a healthcare solution development, we assess the speed and scalability required and ensure that the networks built on top will comply with the strict regulations of the healthcare market.
hyperledger fabric blockchain technology
Stratis blockchain technology
Cardano blockchain technology
Ethereum blockchain technology
Waves blockchain technology
IOTA blockchain technology
EOS blockchain technology
Use case

Blockchain-Based Digital Health Ecosystem

Customer: Medikit, a Ukrainian healthcare tech startup, launched in 2017.

Working with Ukraine’s National Ministry of Health they aim at building an ecosystem of medical interaction between patients, doctors and all other participants in the medical market. In 2018 Medikit together with Abto team launched a telemedicine platform and a unified EHR system on the blockchain.

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Delivered Modules


Cross-border, telemedicine platform that allows patients to have video consultations with their doctor, and pay using medical tokens.

Personal Healthcare Records

Built on Hyperledger Fabric, patients get full access and control over the data, providing different levels of access to various users.

Online Appointment

Patients can book, reschedule, or cancel medical appointments online or in medical institutions.

Doctor’s Account

Doctors can see all the patient EHR, keep track of all the appointments, access knowledge base and consult other doctors.

House Call

A patient can request an onsite consultation with licensed, qualified doctors.

Integration with Available Drugs portal

As a part of National initiative it has the largest database for drugs verification.

Medikit — Blockchain-Based Digital Health Ecosystem

Use case

Award-Winning Blockchain-based Digital Identity

Customer: an EU-based company providing enterprise software on the blockchain.

It offers a digital identity, which represents a blockchain wallet address. Each identity profile is unique and documents every transaction related to it. The digital identity can be used to receive and send digital entitlements for social and healthcare aid.

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Main benefits

With the use of this platform international NGOs, governments and corporates can solve some of most entrenched issues in the developing countries, like legal identity, financial inclusion and corruption. The solution provides:

High security

Every transaction Is secured using a distributed ledger.

Complete transparency

Every transaction is permanently recorded and can be traced from start to finish.


Records cannot be manipulated on the distributed ledger.

Instant verification of all transactions.

The platform was awarded and recognized multiple times as FinTech Startup of the Year, Global Game Changer, and many others.

Award-Winning Blockchain-based Digital Identity System


“The product works great. We’ll definitely be working with Abto Software again in the future.”

Abto Software is responsive and highly collaborative, exceeding project expectations. They’re reliable and professional, providing expert service in their field. They proactively presented solutions and worked hard to meet goals.

Director of Product Management, Logistics Solutions Company

“We always wanted to have a level of trust, and that trust is present with ABTO Software, from their team to the principals.”

ABTO Software provided quality services which helped in the speed of the development stage. The team demonstrated a flexible management system and exercised transparent communication throughout the project.

Head, Product Development

Let’s talk to our expert about implementing blockchain technology for your next healthcare project

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