Abto Software engineers are working on a comprehensive project for our customer from Germany, the leader in eye & gaze tracking technologies. Eye tracking captures natural human behavior and provides unbiased data which empowers the researchers to make effective conclusions regarding person’s performance. Eye-tracking techniques with human-computer interaction as the concept background are used in diverse disciplines and industries, including psychology, cognitive science, education, medical research, and marketing studies.

Team and Technologies

For two years our team of 5 experienced software engineers has been working on the development of highly specialized software suite for eye tracking studies and eye movement analysis. The aim of our project is the development of the customized software tool for gaze analysis as a means of human perception of the world. Our project-based team built a multi-component software suite employing the following technologies: C++, Qt, GCC, eye-tracking, core networking, multithreading.


The key advantage is that the suite is unified for different purposes. It offers the possibility to conduct academic psychological research, to perform marketing analysis and examine learning behaviors and performance.

Eye tracking software for education

Our software helps educators to better understand and coordinate learning processes by studying visual interaction and learning behavior of the students. The researchers accumulate and analyze the information about the reaction of the students on educational materials, particular information, attention distribution, social interaction, etc.

Eye tracking software for psychology

Our software allows scientists to research human processing of visual information in the psychological domain. The tool helps the scientists to investigate patterns and differences in human behavior and further discover what goes on in the human brain applying synchronization and analysis function.

Eye tracking software for marketing research

Our software is an added-value suite for marketing research area. It provides advanced visual behavior analysis for marketing research thus ensuring meaningful data and insights. It evaluates consumer’s attention and responses to marketing contexts, produces an estimation of the consumer experience which means a better quality of future campaigns and products.

Key benefits of our application suite:

  • It is a universal solution engaged in various domains. It enables the performance of the coordinated research with data gather for further analysis. The suite is designed to process visual information and is applicable to marketing, education and psychology areas.
  • It is a science intensive project for researchers which can be customized depending on market aspects.
  • It is a flexible suite ideal for qualitative and quantitative research in real-world environments or in the lab settings. We develop scenarios for integration with experiment center and statistic analysis programs.
  • This complex system contains multiple layers which can be applied to various domains using human-computer interaction.
  • Successfully combined performance and usability with the highest quality of the system result in valuable solutions for both the researchers and the research subjects as end users.
  • Our software suite helps to maximize the research efficiency by comprehensive functionality.

The core features of the project include:

  • Real-time view of on-screen eye movement data
  • Gaze data collection for analysis in a real-time mode (eye data capture, web, mouse and keyboard events,etc.)
  • Possibility to use stimuli like images, videos, colors, texts, web pages, applications, etc.
  • Data recording option: gaze data, eyeball position, fixations, saccades, mouse and keyboard events, web page events, etc.
  • Real-time copy of participant’s display to the observer’s screen
  • Live streaming sessions for monitoring of subjects on a second computer
  • Possibility of exporting collected data for further analysis
  • Data synchronization option
  • Integration and synchronization with multiple software of the customer
  • Improved usability of software
  • Provides reliable analysis tools for fast and easy reporting
  • Provides visualizations that make it easy to communicate the results
  • High accuracy performance

Value delivered

The initial challenge of the project was to create a stable, secure and robust solution which allows producing a constant data stream. Integration with other applications also presents the intricacy of the development process. One more trailblazer of our developers is the ability of the suite to be distributed to a multi-machine system and to synchronize simultaneous work on multiple computers. Our eye-tracking  software suite with unique features helps the science professionals get a better insight into human behavior and make more of the data.


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