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Abto Software offers extensive technical expertise based on 10 years of research in computer vision domain. Our computer vision department provides advanced image processing and video analysis solutions. As a team of PhDs and engineers, we like to face complex challenges and bring your ambitious vision to life.

Leveraging our years of experience in developing smart applications, powered by computer vision, we have also developed our own solutions for counting any moving object on the conveyor belt with 95% accuracy, a revolutionary technology for measuring the body using a front camera on the mobile phone.

Computer Vision in Real-World Applications by Industry

By applying a combination of state of the art in both computer vision and machine learning we provide highly accurate results without making users wait. How to use it is up to your imagination. Here we list just a few of many possible applications in each industry.

Security and Surveillance

Computer vision techniques are vital for security and intelligence purposes. In security analytics it is applied to scene and understanding and reconstruction, object tracking and visualization, virtual reality, input data analysis and classification, etc. Our company offers expertise in image processing and face recognition methods. Applications include:

  • Face recognition
  • Object tracking and counting
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Thief detection
  • Vehicle detection and recognition

Government and Manufacturing

Active interaction between the academic researches and industry enables computer vision methodologies to interpret the environment for the benefit of humanity. We develop solutions for challenging problems in image and video analysis applicable for energy, defense, infrastructure, education and other public sectors. Applications include:

  • Image fraud detection
  • 3d positioning, environment understanding
  • industrial vision systems
  • active and real time vision
  • Object tracking and counting
  • hardware recommendations for image processing

Healthcare and Medicine

We develop computer vision and medical software solutions that assist healthcare transformation. Integration of machine learning methods into industry changes the whole landscape of diagnostic and prognostic accuracy. Imaging analytics as our expertise helps clinicians turn complex medical data into actionable knowledge. Applications include:

  • Biometrics
  • Medical image analysis
  • Computer vision for sensory substitution
  • Statistical data processing & modeling
  • Real time laser control for eye surgery

Real Estate

Image analysis and computer vision are changing real estate business by making sense of the input data. Abto Software engineers apply 3D reconstruction, image and video processing methods as proven mechanisms for taking decisions through meaningful data analysis, consequently looking at business in a holistic way. Applications include:

  • Apartment search
  • Personalized content recommendations
  • 3D reconstruction from multiple photos
  • Processing image-distance data from depth cameras
  • Automated recognition and measurement of 3D objects


Learn what problems Abto Software has helped solve for the clients today, and help us find your solution tomorrow.


US-based Company, healthcare industry

Project challenges:

  • to increase classification speed while preserving accuracy
  • to integrate a set of systems and subsystems interacting via text file into a single high-performing solution
  • to apply block processing for large TIFF files

Business value:

  • substantially decreased computational costs and overall expenses
  • achieved a 10 times increase in the operational speed

Technologies and Instruments:

  • image classification, image processing, image segmentation
  • C++, MATLAB, OpenCV, Qt, Python


an EU-based company, provider of brand security solutions

Project challenges:

  • to eliminate image orientation fluctuations caused by instability or motion
  • to increase image processing speed and streamline algorithms
  • to develop a practical solution with the accuracy level fitting real-time applications and strict industry requirements
  • to optimize computational costs of face recognition and feature extraction algorithms
  • to develop a solution robust to illumination variations and geometric errors

Business value:

  • enhance efficiency of data acquisition in security and surveillance companies
  • high performance and 99% identification accuracy

Technologies and Instruments:

  • computer vision, image processing, Haar cascade, adaptive binarization, morphological operations, blobs
  • .NET, C++, MATLAB, OpenCV, Qt, SQLite, Tesseract OCR


a real estate agency, Canada

Project challenges:

  • to turn sophisticated technology investigation into commercially successful project
  • to implement robust solution for Structure from motion problem
  • to accurately build wired model from 3D point cloud

Key features:

  • real-time edge detection using Canny method
  • simplification of obtained curves into corresponding line segments on image sequence
  • 3D model building

Technologies and Instruments:

  • augmented reality, structure from motion, computational geometry, iOS, computer vision, image processing, 3D scene reconstruction, mathematical analysis
  • C++, MATLAB, OpenCV

Business value:

  • computationally inexpensive solution easily integrated into existing production lines
  • exceptionally quick and robust performance
  • 99.5% accuracy achieved without additional infrastructure investment

Project challenges:

  • to build an algorithm easily customizable for various business purposes
  • to develop a non-intrusive method for accurate object tracking and counting

Technologies and Instruments:

  • image processing, image segmentation, image classification
  • C++, MATLAB, OpenCV, Qt, Python

Business value:

  • achieved real-time performance suitable for comfortable consumer usage
  • help users stay healthy by monitoring their calorie intake

Project challenges:

  • to train an accurate classification model based on an extensive food images database
  • to build a robust system with multi-view image variations
  • to implement computer vision technologies, clustering and machine learning for Android and iPhone devices

Key features:

  • 75% precision rate
  • identification of food items from consumer camera-enabled device
  • real-time calorie counting
  • simple, lean and intuitive interface
  • possibility to add and edit food composition
  • automatic updates available

Technologies and Instruments:

  • Android, iOS, image processing, machine learning, feed-forward artificial neural networks, image segmentation and clustering (k-means)
  • MATLAB, C++, Python, OpenCV, Qt

Computer Vision Tools and Technologies

It is vital to choose appropriate technologies and programming languages for a project implementation as it influences project development duration, its cost and lifespan.


  • 3D data acquisition and scene reconstruction
    • structure from motion (SFM)
    • simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • Image - and video-based indexing, search and retrieval
  • Object counting
  • Pattern recognition
  • Facial detection and facial recognition
  • Pose estimation, action and gesture recognition
  • Eye tracking
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Video processing and analysis
    • motion detection
    • optical flow
    • object tracking
    • video stabilization, etc
  • Image processing
    • image enhancement and restoration, denoising
    • filtering, deconvolution, super resolution
    • image transformation and alignment
  • Image recognition and understanding
    • segmentation, clustering and indexing
    • image annotation and features extraction
    • image key feature extraction/detection and matching
    • object detection and recognition, category recognition
    • computational geometry


  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks
  • K-means
  • SVM, BoF
  • Haar cascades
  • genetic algorithms and many others

Programming languages

  • MATLAB/Octave
  • R
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java/Android
  • Objective-C

Libraries and platforms

  • OpenCV 2.x, 3.x
  • Tesseract-ocr
  • MatConvNet
  • NumPy and many others
  • Windows, Linux, Android, iOS

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