Abto Software has designed and developed the Resident Connect, a mobile application to simplify communication between tenants and landlords. Our customer is a global provider of the premiere cloud-based property management software solutions for the multi-residential market.

Resident Connect App is an application for tenants and landlords. It allows accomplishing a set of important actions without leaving the room in a really easy way in a matter of minutes. Such issues as reports, notifications access and even pay bills with the mobile devices are not a challenge anymore.

Among the dashboard options of the app the user can find the following:

  • Maintenance: The tickets can be created and photos can be taken and attached. The users request a service from a plumber or any other maintenance service provider, can see their availability and schedule an appointment.
  • Billing: The users can follow their current bills and have an option to see the paid bills; rent payment and other bills are processed online.
  • Notifications: The app enables sending the reminders, notifications, and alerts to communicate an important information such as notices about scheduled repairs, pool maintenance, elevator failures, etc.
  • Contacts: The details about different community services and providers are stored and available for tenants.

Resident Connect App is a unique solution, simple and convenient, bringing unrivaled value to landlords and their tenants. The landlords use this application for sharing the important information and building a better relationship with their tenants. The application saves a lot of time and effort and makes everyday life much simpler.


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