Since 2012 Abto Software has been successfully cooperating with our partner JustAnswer LLC, the largest paid online service offering expertise on demand.

JustAnswer with headquarters in San Francisco, CA, is the world’s leading expert marketplace offering fast and affordable online advice from 10,000 verified professionals. JustAnswer has already helped over eight million people in 196 countries.

Abto Software provides remote dedicated software development teams who seamlessly fit into JustAnswer technical and team environment as the company’s team extension.

Being a fast-paced tech companyour partner needs skilled software engineers to develop scripts for a chatbot. A chatbot is a functional service powered by artificial intelligence that interacts with millions of users and offers a more immersive environment than just web presence.  So, JustAnswer aims at creating an end-to-end experience where the chatbot makes the question process more efficient, follows up on the user’s experience and promotes premium services.

Team and Technologies

At the moment JustAnswer’s dedicated team of full-stack software engineers together with automation and manual quality assurance engineers are developing scripts for a world-class chatbot. They employ Python and machine learning algorithms and technologies: ChatScript, scikit-learn, gunicorn, nginx, flask.

The crucial mission of the chatbot is customer engagement. The bot presents the user with the initial information and creates a connection by engaging in conversation. It simultaneously gathers additional data for an expert in order to efficiently facilitate the customer across multiple categories and potentially create higher conversion rates.

AI Chatbot Features

The chatbot consists of dialog management modules to control the conversion process and chatbot knowledge bases to respond to user input. Ours is a scripted chat which reacts to specific patterns and matching keywords in the customer’s messages and generates predefined responses. The main features  include:

  • Category recognition in order to distinguish more informative details
  • Conversion prediction leading to better interpretations
  • Intent classification

Challenges of Chatbot Development

The team is working on a deep understanding of customer’s needs, information requests, and intent classification in order to provide relevant information.  The overall purpose of the project is to improve customer service, provide better, more personal engagement and enhance customer experience.

  • Optimization of the dialogues and reactions to the users’ messages for meaningful conversations outcomes
  • Performance improvements in order to maximize conversions while ensuring a great user experience

Chatbot powers now personalized real-time сustomer engagement which means designing for customer outcomes. This improves customer loyalty and acts as a positive reflection on the brand positioning in the long run.

Based on machine learning conversational dialog engine, the chatbot can communicate with any number of people at the same time, give instant responses, and is ultimately cost-effective.

AI-driven Chatbot Development

Empower communication with your customers.


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