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Legacy Point-of-Sale, or POS systems have worked well for the first part of the 21st Century, but as the business keeps evolving, they no longer can support a modern business and customer. Today, POS systems need the mobility, flexibility, and availability. Legacy POS systems will hold your business back with large ongoing maintenance costs and lack of features.

Abto Software will help you throughout all of the steps of Legacy POS modernization: from a deep business and technical product discovery at the beginning to automatic deployment and support/maintenance/trainings.

Abto Software is a global technology solution provider and a trusted POS and ERP reengineering partner for many companies, launched in 2007. From initial consulting to implementation, our broad capabilities are built around the business applications you count on. We have over 150 clients globally and 10 years of business-domain expertise in internet, government, healthcare and life sciences, public sector, manufacturing, service industries and more.

How to Approach Legacy POS Re-engineering

When the companies start considering the reengineering of their legacy POS systems and how to bring them into the digital era, they initially think that their development partner will suggest either “starting from scratch” or they will have to “rip and replace” their desktop POS software. However, we believe that in many cases legacy Point of Sales is still perfectly viable and simply requires digital enhancements.

To strike the right balance, Abto’s team believes more often than not bringing legacy POS systems into digital-ready mode is an iterative process. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the key is creating flexibility to add new digital layers which supplement business functionality and support growth.

Our approach

Every approach to modernization —a complete platform migration, adding new capabilities to existing legacy systems, or migrating from a legacy mainframe to more modern language and runtime environments—involves costly pitfalls to avoid. This is why we believe that any enterprise application modernization is first and foremost about helping organizations accelerate their digital agenda while extending the useful life of their systems.

An important first step is to understand your business requirements. It’s critical to evaluate which applications provide your business with key functionality and have the biggest impact on growth and strategy.

Next, we analyze the POS modernization options. There are modernization approaches to fit each application’s needs, which is after getting to understand the customer business, we often follow with a careful consideration of the latest modernization approaches,and how we can transform your legacy POS software for the digital era.

The final step is to develop a modernization plan, incorporating both business and IT objectives, to transform traditional POS applications.


Abto Software offers an extensive POS digital transformation and modernization for S&M business products. Our services combine proven transformation methodologies, industry-specific best practices and POS reengineering innovations. We offer a range of services to help companies get the most value from the upgrade of their Point-of-Sale applications:

  • Reengineering of legacy Point of Sales Into Cloud POS

    Lower maintenance costs, access real-time sales data and reports from anywhere in the world, and increase security and get automated updates.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

    Robust POS systems that are properly integrated facilitate access to real-time, on-demand reports of critical business metrics. This information is relied on by decision makers to make smart choices.

  • Mobile POS app on Android and iOS

    Speed up the checkout process, engage your customers, and sell on-the-go with mobile POS system.

  • Omnichannel Integration for Retail POS systems

    Provide all the necessary information to the customer about prices, stock availability of the product, sell online and onsite, and reward them with a built-in loyalty and discount programs.

  • Clean modern UI/UX for Point of Sales

    Simplify the sales process with a clear and concise interface of your POS system where all the information needed for a sale is clearly displayed.


We help transform legacy POS software into modern Cloud POS applications that staff members can use on smartphones, tablets and desktops with intuitive modules that users can learn without extensive training, emphasizing security and stability.


Since the main idea was to provide a suite of independent microservices that could transform any current POS system the retailer is using into an omnichannel Point-of-Sale, there were a few challenges that our developers had to resolve:

  • The integration with the client’s POS software, or any other ecommerce platform
  • High scalability when needed
  • Independent ecommerce microservices that could be switched on and off without disrupting the operating POS.


The advantages of having microservices for omnichannel POS , following domain-driven design include:

  • Each microservice can be developed independently.
  • A microservice can be deployed independently.
  • Different languages can be used to write different services.
  • Simple integration.
  • A microservice doesn’t require a big team to develop.
  • Fault isolation — a fail of one microservices will not cause fails of other services.
  • Faster, automatic deployment.
  • Microservices are easily scaled and integrated with third-party services.

Tools and technologies:

  • .Net Core 2.0, Angular 5, Azure Service Fabric, DDD, EDA, HATEOAS, JSON API.

Other features of restaurant Point of Sale software

  • Full Inventory management
    Change item details like price, name, or quantity in real time. Track stock quantities and get email alerts when items run low.
  • Customizable floorplan
    Create a table layout and make sure changes are added to POS system so your staff always know where to go and the customers never wait too long.
  • Reporting Engine for printing check and orders
    Help the kitchen deliver the goods in less time with printing out orders as soon as as they are sent.
  • Integration with Hotel management software
    With restaurant iPad POS, your staff can manage food and beverage orders anywhere around the hotel and charge guests directly to their hotel room.

Tools and technologies:

  • .Net, Asp.Net MVC, JavaScript.

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