Recently, Abto Software, a fast expanding software development outsourcing provider, has announced the launch of its new Research and Development Department. Abto is gearing up for extending its expertise in science-intense projects domain, which was initially at the core of the company’s business.

The aim of the R&D department’s establishment is to match ever-changing market requirements, develop high-class innovative technologies and obtain new knowledge.

The new Research & Development department will concentrate on achieving the following objectives:

  • Conducting researches in promising scientific, technological and business areas,
  • Development of new products possessing significant commercial and practical value,
  • Creating favorable conditions for the employees’ intellectual potential development
  • Researching the possibility of introduction top-notch IT technologies into the company’s workflow,
  • Cooperation with higher educational institutions and other companies in order to conduct joint researches.

The R&D unit is formed from the company’s employees according to the needs of a definite project under development. The team may also involve students from the universities cooperating with Abto Software.

Oleksandr Muzychuk, CEO at Abto Software, notes: “Establishing the R&D Department has always been one of our major goals since science-intense projects are at the heart of our business. The company’s specialists have already accomplished a set of sophisticated projects for various industries including Healthcare, Government,  Military & Police, Retail & Distribution, etc. We strive to sufficiently extend our R&D competencies and enhance our in-house research and development program.”

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