These companies have shown that they can adapt to rapidly evolving trends in the AI industry. Businesses wanting to take advantage of more cutting-edge technologies can trust these firms to provide high-quality products, – Ben Dobkin, Clutch Growth Operations Analyst.

On March 2nd, 2020 Clutch announced the top 15 Artificial Intelligence companies across five major categories:

  • Chatbot developers;
  • Cognitive computing companies;
  • Machine learning companies;
  • Natural language processing companies;
  • Robotics companies.

Abto Software was listed in the global top 5 cognitive computing companies. The rating criteria included companies’ past awards and brand presence but was mostly focused on in-depth client reviews. We would like to thank our customers who made this recognition possible by submitting their feedback on Clutch. This is what one of our clients had to say about outsourcing the development of an inventory management system to us:

Abto Software completed the project within a short time period, working efficiently and within the timeline. The team is proactive and vigilant and developed the solution in a cost-effective manner. Customers can expect an honest, hard-working partner. The solution is complete and it’s an awesome product. Everything was 97% accurate and their work saved us about $12 million per year, – Founder & CEO, The USA.

This is not the first time Clutch recognizes Abto Software as a top software company. Last year we were ranked among the global top 30 Machine Learning companies, the global top 15 AI developers and the top emerging technologies providers in Ukraine. Abto has also been featured on Clutch’s sister websites, The Manifest and Visual Objects, which compile ratings and provide companies’ portfolios. As of the date of publishing of this article, we are listed among the global top 75 Big Data analytics companies on Visual Objects and the global top 75 Machine Learning companies on The Manifest.

Cognitive Computing Explained

Cognitive computing refers to a set of AI technologies that combine Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision to:

  • extract, understand, and analyze contextual information,
  • adapt to the changing environment through continuous learning,
  • interact with other systems as well as people

in order to improve decision-making, automate manual processes, and solve complex problems. Common applications of cognitive computing include customer service automation (CSA), conversational chatbots, virtual assistants, data extraction from unstructured documents, decision support systems (DSS).

Cognitive computing derived its name because it mimics the ability of the human brain to perceive and reason, while also strengthening these human capabilities. You can say cognitive computing is artificial intelligence, just smarter. And there is a whole gamut of possibilities how it can add value to your business.

  • Cognitive AI helps you find solutions to complex tasks through analysis of vast amounts of data while considering its context and reliability. Not only does it sift through the information but also applies a set of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning approaches to perform intelligent data analysis.
  • Cognitive systems adjust to various scenarios addressing different business issues within one solution. These systems learn from past actions and all of the available data to identify new patterns, better understand the task at hand, and propose the best solutions.
  • Applying cognitive computing to customer service automation boosts personalization. Nobody likes talking to unresponsive chatbots or receiving an automated answer that is totally off. With cognitive technologies, you can build reliable automated customer service and support systems that will manage human-like conversations and drive engagement.
  • Implementing cognitive technologies into the RPA pipeline yields deep insights into your business processes. If cognitive systems already gather and analyze most of the information within your company, they are equipped to uncover hidden tendencies in your financial figures or spot patterns in your unstructured data. These insights can be used for predictive decision making and smarter strategic planning.

Cognitive technologies can be a great business value driver but only when implemented well. With Abto as your cognitive AI development partner, you have access to unmatched data science expertise and certified AI talent. Tell us about yourself and your project to discover how to take your first step in implementing cognitive AI in your business processes.

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