This Web Auction was delivered for an international online auction for selling medical equipment, commercial plant and machinery, catering and office equipment. As our customer’s auction service was based on the Lasso platform which couldn’t satisfy the growing needs of the customer’s database, so our specialists had to perform legacy software modernization and now the whole solution is built in .NET technology.

The team also developed a bid system for custom online auctions with multiple products and limited time offers. End users of the system are able to place bids, regularly monitor the situation with the highest offered price, and quickly react by placing another bid.

The bidding system includes a user-friendly administrator control panel that provides the functionality to manage auctions, internal and users accounts, change the quantity and minimum price of offered goods, make and send a newsletter, and keep track of the most important changes on the website. The solution supports grouping items by category and has a countdown timer based on JavaScript NTP.

Our web development experts also added some new features to the customer’s web auction service to improve the interaction on their website:

  • The system of authentication and authorization
  • Possibility to upload pictures
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Contacts Management System
  • Amazon hosting

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