Abto Software team developed a custom web solution for managing information about properties for sale and rent and generating a unique barcode for every entry to be placed on a property. A user can scan it using a mobile application and instantly obtain detailed information about the property along with GPS directions.

QR codes are extremely interactive therefore bring a significant value to our customer. QR codes can be used on anything from real estate flyers to email marketing campaigns. It makes it much easier for clients to visit a real estate firm website, list photos and details, view a video tour plus much more.

Additionally, our customer can now put a QR sticker on real estate lockboxes, which when scanned, will give more details on the property to visitors which is a great solution for unoccupied residences. When put on the lawn sign, buyers can simply pull over and scan a QR code right away, rather than write down the property details and most likely forget all about it later. Attaching a QR code to real estate flyers or emails will import map directions to properties and open houses directly to buyers’ smartphones when scanned.


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