Abto Software developed an advanced Intranet utility for our customer – one the largest UK’s telecommunications, transportation, and utility service provider. This online system helps our customer manage all the works, resources and personnel, adequately estimate the company’s personnel workload owing to the received reports and keep all costs well under control by optimizing the whole workflow process.

The Abto team created a multifunctional database system that can be used by users with different roles. The system allows the executing authorized staff to:

  • Report on the work done daily
  • Request/report on the tools or resources needed
  • Make risk assessments
  • Track active projects status & view all projects history
  • Coordinate projects workflow

Our experts developed a mobile version of the system which is extremely handy when used by the employees working in out-of-the-way places. In such cases, workers record all necessary information on mobile devices, which is transferred to the server as soon as the connection is available.

This online management and planning system is designed to coordinate all the operations within projects of various scales, which helps the customer’s management:

  • Assign tasks and monitor their performance status,
  • Manage tools and resources needed
  • Get analytical graphs, statistical reports, and forecasts (including Daily Shifting Reports)
  • View, calculate and control sell rates
  • Estimate and forecast project(s) profit/loss,
  • Control company departments profit/loss,

Our customer’s end clients or contractors can also be granted access to relevant data so that they can track the execution of their order.


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