Ukrainian bakery factory contacted Abto Software to help them improve their counting system for production lines. The customer’s solution was designed to count loaves of bread, rolls on the conveyor belt. The initial version of the production counting system was designed and developed in MATLAB and had certain limits and restrictions:

  1. The automated system could not count products accurately if they were touching, or in disarray, all bread loaves should be placed in even rows on the conveyor belt.
  2. The program had low-performance speed since the algorithm itself was not optimized and required too many resources.
  3. The automated counting system had limited data processing capabilities: it could collect and analyze data from only four video channels.

Abto’s Automated Counting Solution

Having completed the investigation stage, our computer vision engineers understood that they would need to apply another approach to eliminate limitations of customer’s existing system for counting produce. Working in our R&D lab, using our IP,  we have developed our own product that applies computer vision algorithms to provide 99,5% accuracy.  The automated counting software processes video stream from IP-cameras. After running the application, we get a sequence of the video frames in one image and its binarized mask which is used to count products on the conveyor belt.

Since 2012, the Ukrainian bakery was licensed to use our automated counting software for their production.

automated counting solution by Abto

Benefits and Features

Overall our product for counting objects, moving on the production lines allows for:

  • Real-time production reporting for enterprise-level software
    Automated counting software by Abto can collect and analyze data from more than 20 factories seamlessly.
  • High 99,5% product counting accuracy
    The program is able to count the products accurately in any way they are placed on a conveyor belt and does not depend on illumination factors. The accuracy, and reliability you get with our counting system, directly translates into high ROI.
  • Universal counting algorithm
    Our automated counting software for production lines can be used to count any manufactured products of the same type, moving on the production lines other, including pharmaceutical products, food, and beverages, parts and component counting, etc.

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