SCRUM training at Abto Software officeStriving to improve our specialists’ professional level and provide conditions for personal development Abto Software regularly organizes various trainings and courses.

Currently we have invited a certified SCRUM trainer, Alexey Krivitsky, to conduct a training initially designed specifically for software teams (Scrum teams) and their customers. The training lasted two days (May 30th – May 31st) in Abto’s office and mainly concentrated on Agile leadership and organizational change process issues.
Alexey Krivitsky is the first Ukrainian Agile adviser and co-owner of the SCRUM guides company. He’s also a founder of Agile Ukraine Community, Ukrainian AgileBaseCamp Conference, and co-organizer of the regional Eastern Europe Agile Conference.

On the training developers could:

  • Get familiar with the core concepts of Agile philosophy and its area of applicability
  • Grasp deep understanding of structure of the SCRUM framework and its parts
  • Synchronize their views on development process inside their organization, project and teams
  • Work out strategy for rolling out Agile and continuous improvement processes in their context

The training is designed for the following audience: Project Managers and Team Leads, SCRUM-masters, developers, QAs, architects, stakeholders and analysts.
Abto Software plans to proceed with staffs’ professional development activities by further inviting highly qualified trainers and lecturers.

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