Abto Software became a partner of Lviv IT Cluster, which is an association of the leading Lviv-based information technology companies that jointly took a lead to transform the business environment in the city.

Uniting 8000 IT experts and 60 companies, Lviv IT cluster has a significant human resources and an exceptional intellectual potential in place to carry out a number of important initiatives to positively affect the IT landscape of the city. It is worth mentioning that the projects of the organization have a major impact on socially important spheres: education, infrastructure, legal, city marketing & promotion.

Since Abto Software actively and continuously participates in the life of a local IT community as well as contributes to a number of educational initiatives, becoming a part of Lviv IT cluster was a decision that was very much in line with the company’s strategic vision.

The company intends to contribute to Cluster’s activities with experts involvement, promotional activities and young talent development.

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