The Annual Corporate Meeting is a great time to take a step back, and evaluate all the efforts we have put into our daily work. This year it was held at ITEA Hub. Olexandr Muzychuk, the CEO at Abto Software opened the meeting, first by expressing his gratitude to each employee that works at the company. He laid out the plans and strategies for the company’s growth in the upcoming year, touched upon industry dynamics and how the company will respond to it. In some respects 2016 started as a new beginning for Abto Software.  We decided to shift our business focus towards data science and computer vision software development.

We also had 12 presentations on the most successful projects of the year, followed by a Q&A with the audience. Our smartest dev teams, certified QAs, twice Microsoft certified professionals and the most active employees who competed in multiple marathos and contests received gifts. The evening continued with drinks.

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