Since its very first projects, Abto Software has realized how important it is to maintain the motivation of its staff. В One of the key factors which greatly influences motivation is the opportunity for employees to grow and develop job and career-enhancing skills. Our company aims to ensure that all its specialists obtain the necessary knowledge and skills by holding regular training, classes, seminars, lectures, etc. on various technical topics.

Our internal training held each month or even more often are dedicated to provide our specialists relevant learning and development opportunities as well as evolve their interest in the modern technical trends, challenging problems and the most innovative technologies used for software development, mobile applications development, research, engineering & mathematical modelling projects, etc. The objective of each speech is to share the knowledge in the technical area the speaker is best aware of with his colleagues and teach them to understand the essence of the issue, discuss its possible solutions or even find the most unexpected but unique and best solution.

Here are just some of the lectures’ topics our experts shared with Abto Software colleagues. You can also look at the presentations given by them following the links below:

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