ABTO Analytics

Our product development team has created a website analytics tool that allows to track and gather all important statistics about a website: popular pages summary, recent user sessions, attention, click and move heatmaps, and more ABTO analytics was designed to help website owners make improvements to their  websites, remove elements that don’t attract users and …

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Flashcards Maker

flashcards maker

ABTO Software’s team has developed a wonderful Flashcards maker app for Android-powered devices Our app is the easiest and the most effective way to learn world capitals or create your own flashcards with any content. You can track your progress and make your learning as fun as possible. The app can be used for various …

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AbtoCamera – a Photo App for Android Devices


AbtoCamera is a powerful application for taking high quality pictures especially designed by ABTO Software mobile developers for Android devices. The application brags a large variety of photo effects and features: supports: white balance, focus mode, iso, exposure compensation zoom location tagging JPEG and PNG image formats flash intervalometer exposure bracketing customizable storage location and …

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Long Path Library API

Create your own Path Too Long software or integrate this capability in your application. Library to be used with C#, C++, VB allows your programs to overcome standard limitation on path length to files and directories. This limitation encounters in explorer, different file managers, and even when working with WinAPI itself. Our libraries work with …

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Secure Deleter for Android

SecureDeleter – great Android file shredder application for secure removal of files or folders. Secure Deleter deletes the file by replacing its bytes by random generated bytes and then removal the file. It’s very simple in use, application have base navigation on top of the display and file explorer, for browse file system. To delete …

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SoftProtect by ABTO Software protects programs and files from being misused by other users. Its main purpose is to encrypt user’s confidential data so that nobody could access it. So your PC becomes a private vault where all important data can be securely stored. With the help of SoftProtect any program or file is encrypted …

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Path Too Long PRO

Path Too Long PRO Windows tool to copy, rename or delete files and folders with path too long or 1320 error. To handle the problem just browse to the file and press a button to copy or detele it! This useful tool solves the problem with inability to copy, rename and delete files and folders …

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abtoVNC Viewer SDK for iOS

abtoVNC Viewer for iOS is sure to show itself as an essential part of everyday business workflow as it allows you to smoothly connect any Mac or PC desktop through the Web or LAN with a running VNC Server. Use VNC Viewer for iOS created on the basis of our SDK and you’ll be able …

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PPT to SWF Converter

ppt2swf converter

ABTO Software’s excellent PowerPoint to Flash converter allows to seamlessly create compressed Web-ready presentation in Adobe (Macromedia) Flash format. Now your presentation can be easily embedded into the web-page and distributed on the Internet among the users. Our PPT to SWF converter also enables a non-flash experienced user to build rich-media Flash presentations and captivating …

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