Data Analyst (Business Analytics)

Full-Time — Ukraine, Lviv

As Data Analyst (Business Analytics) in JustAnswer, you will work on high impact analytics initiatives with the goal of rapidly growing the business and creating an excellent customer experience. You will contribute to developing ideas that guide product & marketing strategies and drive measurable business impact. By harnessing the power of business analytics, big data, a/b testing, and statistics you will create analytic tools that fulfill key business needs, and help thousands of people across the world.

You will work on challenging business questions like:

  • How do we optimize our funnels to maximize revenue?
  • How engaged are our customers with different features and products on the site?
  • What should be the key metrics for various A/B tests, how long do we need to run them to get statistically significant results; which test variation should we take normal?
  • Are we seeing concerning trends in our SEM performance; which are the campaigns driving the trends?
  • How do we segment our customers for targeted experiences?
  • How can we optimize pricing based on different dimensions, and using principles of behavioral economics?

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with business partners to understand key business problems and areas of opportunity
  • Translate business problems into analytical framework and insights back into actionable recommendations
  • Through analytics, identify new high-impact areas of opportunity for the business.
  • Be responsible for the day to day delivery of analysis that helps the organization assure that we are making the best-informed decisions possible.

Skills and experience:

Must have:

  • Educational background in Math/Statistics, Computer Science and Economics
  • 2+ years of commercial experience in highly analytical environment performing consumer, financial or statistical analysis, and generating data-driven insights
  • SQL skills and ability to efficiently extract data from massive, highly complex, multi-dimensional datasets
  • Excellent skills in Excel
  • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks, set and negotiate priorities
  • Build relationships and work effectively with cross functional team
  • Strong communicator both in Ukrainian/Russian and English

Nice to have:

  • Experience with web analytics, including a good understanding of tools and processes to collect and report on all aspects of web analytics (e.g. Omniture, Google Analytics)
  • Hands on experience with statistical analysis, data mining tools such as SAS, R, or Python; track record of performing Statistical Modeling, Data Mining and/or Machine Learning to develop predictive models which solve real world data problems
  • NLP Experience to solve new text problems, etc. NLP experience needs to be stats based.

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