Research Center & Engineering Services

Besides pure software development, Abto Software provides analytical services for all kinds of companies and organizations.

Abto research center’s mission is to advance the state of the practice of software engineering and solve tasks of various types depending on the company’s business area.

These issues always require high technical or mathematical skills and our well educated specialists provide them successfully. In most cases, the end product of such projects is an application or set of “intelligent” applications helping to achieve customer’s desired goals.

Below we list only few cases we dealt with.

  • In order to increase efficiency and/or decrease expenses, companies (especially large ones) need to optimize their business workflows or other processes. The questions often arising at those companies concern warehousing problems, consumption estimation, logistics related problems, human resources management and workload, etc. We have successfully accomplished a number of such projects.
  • Analytical solutions are often vital to control sophisticated processes in healthcare, communications and networking, logistics, etc. Collecting, processing and analysis of statistical data are the main issues. Without intelligent software these tasks become extremely expensive and inefficient, sometimes even impossible. We have extensive experience in developing such applications.
  • To improve or innovate separate processes, companies conduct experiments before the product is actually introduced to publicity. However, sometimes experiments are too expensive or too dangerous or just complicated to perform. In such cases it is optimal to simulate the process, making appropriate mathematical models and creating appropriate software. Our bright software specialists are able to provide those.
  • Finance and investments often require prediction and tracking solutions, and we have very positive experience in this area.