The Abto Software team created a comprehensive mobile application for iOS and Android that simulates a real baby behavior. The app is one of the most popular apps by our company. It is evolving constantly as the team adds numerous innovative features and functions to it. My Baby Sim app is featured in AppStore Family Games and Simulation Games categories. This real baby care simulator app helps users test themselves out as parents.

Due to thoroughly elaborated features, they can do various activities with their virtual child:

  • Name the virtual child, choose gender and race of the baby
  • Put cute and trendy clothes on the baby boy or baby girl
  • Voice Over & Voice Assistant features for visually impaired people are available
  • The game is localized and available in different languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and even Japanese.

At the moment the user can choose baby’s initial age and appearance and get a complete scenario of what a baby of the appropriate age may do: eat, cry, smile, sleep and react to various parents’ actions. Besides these functions, the user has a chance to analyze all the data stored in a log to watch the success of the game, compare the game progress with the recommendations to test him/herself.

The user interface, as well as functions of the app, are comfortably intuitive. It is designed applying industry best practices.  The realistic algorithm of baby’s behavior was implemented in the app which makes it even more fun.

For more details about My Baby Sim app check out our dedicated website or install our app at iTunes and Google Play Store.

If you have any questions regarding the product, sponsorship, advertising, etc., please don’t hesitate to contact us at with subject “My Baby Sim”.

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