Twitter is all about people and their relationships. Talk to people, not to bots!

Twitter world is facing a major problem of fake pages and bots. Your popularity, success of the social campaign and reputation after all depend on real users not some idle fake account.

Have you ever used any services to analyze the quality of your Twitter audience to reveal  fake followers of your account? If not – we are here for you!  Our web tool  is  designed to improve your Twitter experience  and free it from bots in just 1 minute.

Interested? See how it works:

  • You authorize your Twitter account on our website so that our service can check your followers
  • Our system carefully analyses various Indicators and typical behavior criteria like Description and URL shouldn’t be empty, a number of tweets, followers, friends, and many more.Each of them is carefully investigated and filtered.
  • In just a minute, you can see the results on your screen and the percentage  of real and fake accounts alluded to your Twitter profile.
  • Then you have a chance to unfollow fake accounts or block fake followers and share your results.

With BotOrNot you have an opportunity to make your twitter account better and more efficient


We keep improving tool and plan  to:

  • double  the database which will give us even better  chances of  spotting bots,
  •  track users’ activities and their connections to  other accounts, for more precise results
  • make the functionality of BotOrNot more flexible and user-friendly, i.e add a “Not Bot” button for highlighting the accounts that are wrongly defined as bots

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