Our product development team has created a website analytics tool that allows to track and gather all important statistics about a website: popular pages summary, recent user sessions, attention, click and move heatmaps, and more

Abto analytics was designed to help website owners make improvements to their  websites, remove elements that don’t attract users and carefully study visitors’ behavior.

With the help of Abto Analytics you can find out:

  • whether users are visiting the website via PCs or mobile devices
  • what are the most frequently used browsers and mobile OS
  • number of the unique visitors and page views
  • geographic location of the visitor
  • time spent on the website
  • what content and elements are the most attractive for the website visitors (this data can be derived from heatmaps)

Abto Analytics includes three heatmaps that provide information about the website elements clicked by the user. Heatmap is created for each screen resolution.

  • Move map

Mouse move heat map lets you see full picture of visitor`s actions on your web page. This function process mouse moves of thousands visitors and present you general overview of their behavior. It helps you focus on important points and make your website as effective as possible.

  • Click map

Increase the effectiveness of your website by placing your links and buttons in the most clickable places on the page. See which images, links and advertisements don`t get enough clicks and are ignored by page visitors. Click map will show you all barriers in your conversion funnel and help to implement changes that will increase conversion and sales.

  • Attention map

Keep an attention of your website visitors, adapting your content to their interests. Analyze where visitors focus their attention and change CTAs and advertisements placement accordingly. When you know what your customers are interested in, you’ll fill your website with right content that maximizes your revenue.

Abto Analytics doesn’t slow down or otherwise negatively affect  performance of a  website. Security of your data is guaranteed: all the information you provide is absolutely confidential and safe.

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