In 2017 we have started a project for our customer from the Netherlands to develop a digital B2B marketplace for selling computers, laptops, and other tech to companies only.

B2B marketplace development

The project team has chosen Magento as an out-of-the-box platform, however as a tool primarily suited for B2C businesses, we needed to develop additional modules and implement a lot of vital improvements required to provide a proper B2B experience.

B2C websites are browsed through by end users or ordinary consumers, while B2B e-commerce sites are accessed by contact persons of organizations. As a result, a company account would need to include more information than customer account from B2C store. Financial information, purchase order, payment methods, and order approval process of B2B e-commerce differ from its B2C counterpart and required enhancement. Integration of CRM, order processing software and other B2B platforms for buyers and sellers were also apart from default Magento.  


To turn Magento websites into contemporary B2B platforms, our PHP development team had to tackle the following challenges:

  • A huge volume of the products, around 180 000 items, that needed to be imported from OneTrail, a B2B cloud-based integration platform for Trading & Business companies to OroCRM, a customer’s CRM software.
  • Integrate and personalize OroCRM
  • Integrate with Priox, the customer’s custom order management system
  • Optimize the database performance to speed up the importing and processing of the products.
  • Regulate and schedule product items updates.
  • OneTrail does not provide the testing environment which has complicated the quality assurance stage of the ecommerce shop delivery.

Ecommerce shop features

The client now can easily import his customers, products, and set-up customized pricing. The digital marketplace for selling computer and accessories has a powerful feature set:

  • advanced account management
  • quick bulk orders
  • inventory tracking across multiple locations
  • negotiated pricing for each client
  • order update information, status, and shipping
  • online catalogs
  • sales and marketing reporting capabilities
  • responsive design for mobile and tablet.


Throughout the project, Abto Software team has worked closely with the client to identify the business and functional requirements and translate them into an efficient solution.  Thus our Magento experts delivered the following results:

  • A powerful digital B2B solution for selling computers and accessories to the companies, based in the Netherlands.
  • Up to 40x times increase in the product importing speed: before it would take up to a week to have all the information about the items imported from OneTrail to the CRM and the digital marketplace, but now it is done in three hours only.
  • Information about 180 000 computer items, as well as details about sellers was imported into the ecommerce shop.
  • An intuitive and responsive design for proper B2B experience.
  • A seamless integration with many third-party services: OneTrail, OroCrm, customer ’s custom order and delivery processing software.

To find out more about our team of Magento-certified developers and how Magento may be your B2B solution, schedule a call with our team today.

Team: three Magento developers, and QA engineer.


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