Abto Software dedicated development team is building sophisticated e-procurement software for our customer from Ireland.

Our client, an award-winning company, delivers world-class cloud procurement software. It is used by leading businesses internationally to manage their e-procurement processes.

The biggest challenge of the project was related to designing and implementing custom reports deploying DevExpress End-User Report Designer as well as building intuitive documents search with OCR pre-processing.

The e-procurement software developed makes it possible to automate buying and selling deals and efficiently share data between a customer and a supplier.

Team and Technologies

Our dedicated .Net developers have been working on a full-scale development for 2 years. The team consists of four software engineers at the moment and is expected to be extended.

Core features of the e-procurement software comprise:

  • Fast setup, installation, and customization
  • Intuitive eRFx tool for RFI’s, RFP’s quotations
  • Real-time availability and performance with Azure Application Insights and New Relic monitoring tool
  • Powerfulworldwide supplier directory
  • Customizable dashboards to meet user needs
  • Central electronic catalogue accessible by any authorised user
  • Automated and customizable qualification  tools
  • e-Requests processing for auditing and  transparency purposes
  • Integration with international finance/ purchase order systems
  • Comprehensive reporting  tool
  • Scheduling, reminder and auction option
  • Contracts data customization and visibility

 Key benefits of the purchasing software:

  • Optimized productivity
  • Improved security and reduced no risks
  • Decreased labor and hidden operating costs
  • Integration with international systems
  • Enhanced supplier and customer performance monitoring

E-Procurement Software Applications

eSourcing toolmakes it possible to transparently qualify suppliers, evaluate and compare suppliers’offers,create templates and reports, and choose the most appropriate ones.

eCatalogue tool enables buyers to select products or services from any approved supplier in easily manageable catalogues and order through existing finance systems.

Supplier evaluation tool is effective when there is a need to evaluate and monitor suppliers. It minimises business risks by providing audited and updated supplier profiles.

Supplier verification tool helps maintain quality data, create customised dashboard reports. It reduces errors and improves the accuracy of attribution.

Supplier profile management tool facilitates profile data management in order to maintain the balanced business relationship with partners. This eliminates administrative expenses and simplifies supplier information management.

Contract management tool is a crucial instrument designed for complete contract transparency and performance security. It makes processing e-Requests smooth and easy.

Value delivered

By addressing challenges related to custom reports with DevExpress End-User Report Designer as well as documents search with OCR pre-processing, we improved the operational efficiency and overall usability for end-used of this e-procurement software.

The purchasing software that Abto Software delivered makes buying process more transparent and perceptible while automated analysis and payment options enable control and cost savings.

Security played a vital role in the product design and delivery as the purchasing software is intended to work with international suppliers and buyers, thus demands exceptional performance and integration in accordance with international regulations.

Our cloud-based procurement management software influences e-procurement strategies of the organizations and generates more value and innovation. Business partners can share and execute processes with increased flexibility and agility as a response to customers’ needs.

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